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Wife’s aunt visits the bed room

We have a house guest for a few months. Wife's aunt is having her home repaired from storm damage. She is seven years older than my wife and a widow now. Her husband died at a work place accident early in the marriage. She got depressed gained weight and lived in the home alone. Few years back she joined an exercise group and lost a lot of weight. She is right at the perfect weight for her height now required.

She has told us many times how she misses the closeness and being held. So she and my wife had some drinks and one thing to another, finally sex came out. She told she had sex with her ex several times before his death since that time not only once. She did say she would masturbate by rubbing her clit but never had any toys inside her.

I get a request to let her watch us have sex. She wants to see what my wife is talking about. Orgasms started one after the other and how it feels. Wife sits her on the bed and gets me going. A blow job as she watches. She ask how she is sucking and how to do it right. She had not done this but once. She bit the guy and he shot a load in her mouth. She got sick and refused to do this again. So I become her test partner. I get blow job from both for a bit. Not bad for me, she was getting worried she might be out of line. Wife told her to relax and just enjoy herself.

I have my wife’s legs on my shoulders and am driving in her. In a few more strokes she starts getting soaked. I love this part and the feeling of her pussy pulsing as she cums. She keeps cumming one after the other. The soft sound of her is sweet and so hot. Also her toes band in strange positions as she cums. I tell her aunt this happens and to watch for it. She smiles as it happens. I notice she is getting hot her own self. I see her legs tight and her ass making a humping motion as she watches. Wife looks at me and said I am finished if you want to finish. I cannot take much more of this. She looks at her aunt and suggest she get undressed and let me give her some. She rejects this quickly. So I finish and we go back in the den.

Woman are drinking and watching porn on the lap top. I hear giggles and later each dressed in night clothes. Her aunt is not the best looking but she sure is built. I see gets tits and nipples nice and hard. Ass is plump and jiggles tight under her thin robe. She tucks her legs under her on the sofa and shows the back side of her thigh and some of the ass cheek. Talk goes to cock size and pain. Wife tells her it took time, but no more pain any more. She tells she worried I would hurt her, that’s the big reason she rejected the offer. Wife told her I would not hurt her, can use pillow between us and protect her. That’s how we did it early in our time. Thick sofa pillow on each cheek and use her legs some to keep me out of how guts. Took several more drinks and I had a request. Would you let her right you? That would be ok with me.

She is already horny but she is scared I will hurt her. She likes the legs up position my wife enjoys. So that was the pick. She laid back and spread her legs. I could not just stick her; I looked at my wife and stuck my tongue out. Can I? I ask, yes, give her some. I get her ***** clit in my mouth and suck as I run my tongue across it side to side. She nearly jumps from under me as I hold her legs tight. Obviously she has not had her pussy worked over well. So I do the job. My wife offered to do this for her many times; she just had a hang up about a female giving her oral sex. So I take her place. I kiss my wife and she tells how good she tastes.

She is prime one and asks me, would you put it in me? I move up and push in her. This is so tight I feel the shaft of my cock bend. The head pops in her like a tight fitting cork. I heard the soaking wet sound as it goes in. I stop and just hold this place. She looks like I just pulled her tooth. Mouth remained wide open and holding her breath. Do not want to pull it out, but it comes close. I feel the rim of my cock hitting her sweet spot. It feels good to her as it soon starts to be clear.

I see her having her orgasm, the look almost of fear in her eyes. My shaft bends as I push in her and tight pull on the way out. She feels like a hole much too tight to be in. Yet she is taking it well.

She has her first orgasm and I keep stoking her as I have. She looks at my wife sitting beside her. I look down and stare at her. Locked eyes as she gets the second, she is pretty loud and it’s all natural sounds. I hold my hand over her mouth and tell her to hold her breath. I stroke her and now drive deeper with each stroke. This obviously turns her on. She now screams and moans with each stroke. She like my wife gets very wet when she cums. She feels great inside like my wife does. She is not as relaxed as my wife, so the pussy is massively tight.

She looks up at me with a tear in her eye, I am finish now, and you can finish now. She goes on telling me how good this is, tells me wife thank you for allowing this to happen. She is looking at my wife sitting beside her, I like the feeling I get bending my shaft pushing in her. So being soaking wet I pull out and pop the head in and out of her. She stops talking and looks back at me. She has that look in her eye, which that oh ooohhh feels oh shit, keep doing taut oh ooohhh shit.

Looks at my wife and tells her, I am communing, aaawww and she ricks her head back and stars moaning softly. The head is in her and now out of her. I pull out juice and lube the hole for the next entry. She has had all she wants and begs me to finish myself. I do using this same motion. With the first shot I do not pull out, I drive deep and feel it hit her cervix. I spray her over and over short stroking this area. Her legs push me away and I hold her there.

I am done and she pulls me to her. She kisses me and thanks me for what I did. She looks at my wife and tells her, thank you for allowing this to happen. It’s a feeling I have never enjoyed. Only one orgasm per time, some time she went for months without one. Her husband was a great man, but a poor lover as she understands. Her friends and family told about multiple orgasm and other feelings. We laid there talking and she wondered if she had anything to offer a man. I went into detail of the pleasure I had with her. Was not the same as my wife, but very close? She is still very tight and some might have been the fear of pain or being watched.

I assured her she could be a great wife and or lover for any man. She told she might try the threesome some day, just would need to be a woman she doesn’t know. She does want to have sex to get her ready for a man. My wife offered her once a week visit and to work with us. I feel like I have been given a special gift.

While she is with us she can join us every time we have sex. Once she is comfortable she wants one night with me alone. The first night is tomorrow night. Wife told me to fuck her till she cries like she does. Just to make sure I did not enjoy her too much. I assure my wife she has nothing to worry about. Her aunt tells she would never allow me to be with any other woman. Wife told she thought like this herself. Then we had threesomes with her friends. I always wanted her and not the friends. She is comfortable I am being hers alone.

The End
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