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Confession Of A Cuckold Part 13

Our sexual life improved quite a bit since Vidya got involved with Akram. Of course, whenever Akram was with us, she would just concentrate on Akram and ignore or even mock and humiliate me. But we all knew that it was because I enjoyed it and it was all within limits. Vidya kept her word and whenever she was going out with Akram, it was with my knowledge. Every now and then, Akram would come to our home and at that time, Vidya would spend the night with him in our bedroom while I slept in the hall. But when Akram was not available, she would shower me with all her sexual energy.

However, soon I noticed a change in Vidya. When she had started relations with Akram, she had been very secretive about this whole business. Whenever she came with Akram, she would ask him to drop her on the main road rather than in our society. She didn't want any society gossip about her relation with Akram. She used to do the same when she went out with Akram.

But now, it seemed that she just didn't care. She would ride Akram's bike and they would come in our society. She would also hold his hand as they walked to our flat without caring much about gossip. Soon after, one day when we were sleeping in bed after having sex, she slowly got on top of me.

"Ravi, I want to talk something important to you." She kissed me lightly as she ran her hands through my hair. I kissed her back as I caressed her naked back.

"Yes honey, what do you want?" She brushed a strand of hair aside.

"Are you ok with my relationship with Akram? Do you have any problems with us?" I looked in her eyes.

"Why are you asking this? You know that I don't have any problems." She bent forward and touched my face with her breasts.

"I know, but every time I am with Akram I need to tell you. If you really trust us, I want to change it and Akram too wants the same. We want to change this in an open relation kind of thing. I want to meet Akram whenever I want to without any need of consent from you. He also wants the same. In fact he kind of suggests that we 3 should move in together in this flat. So, what do you think?" I was already intoxicated with the perfume she had sprayed in her cleavage. Somewhere at the back of my mind, I felt that it was not a good idea.

"Vidya, I really don't think it is a good idea. Our relationship can be in danger because of this." She looked in my eyes.

"Why do you say that? It hasn't soured our relationship. We have been doing it for over a year now. It hasn't soured anything yet. In fact it has enriched our marriage. Don't you think so? " She slowly rolled over and lay down beside me as she touched my chest. I kissed her face as she touched my slowly rising dick once again.

"I guess so." I was hesitant in my reply, but my cock was not.

"You always liked seeing me with him, didn't you? You should see your face when Akram is fucking me and I am shouting out with pleasure right in front of you. You enjoy it more than me darling." She laughed as she touched my cock and slowly started jerking it off.

"Yes, but it's ok if it happens every now and then. But are you serious about getting into an open marriage with him?" She was slowly caressing my penis and stroking lightly with her hands.

"Yes darling, I am very serious about this. What is the problem? I already am in a relationship with him. So why not just give me consent to go and enjoy with him any time I want rather than taking permission from you every time I see him. What is so difficult about it?" She kept stroking my cock with small swift strokes. It was erect now.

"Honey, both Akram and I are so different in every way. Financially, socially and even sexually he is much stronger than I am. Our relation may easily sour and he may jeopardize our marriage." Vidya stopped for a moment and then she slowly rose and got above me.

"Honey, we started this relationship with an honest mind. We didn't do this because I was unsatisfied with you or anything like that. There was nothing wrong with our relation initially and we didn't do this to fix it. In fact since I got involved with Akram, our sex life has improved. So why are you worried? It has nothing to do with your social or sexual status compared to Akram. All the humiliation that we gave you was because we thought you enjoyed it. I didn't really mean it." She slowly rose above me and took my cock in her hand and then slowly lowered herself so that my cock slipped easily in her cunt. She said that she didn't think I was inferior to Akram any way, but the ease with which my cock slipped in her cunt told another story to me. Since Akram had started fucking her, his big cock had stretched her cunt and now it had become quite loose. Akram's thick pole still was tight fit for her cunt, but my cock would slip in easily in it even when she wasn't wet. Even I felt that I couldn't even touch her G spot.

"Yes darling, I understand that. But still I feel it's risky for you to get emotionally involved with Akram. And what you are talking about will surely get you emotionally involved with Akram." Vidya held my head with her hands and then slowly lowered her breasts on my face. The lovely smell of her perfume filled my nostrils once again.

"And what makes you feel that I won't get emotionally involved with him with current set up?" But my reply never came as my mouth filled with her lovely boob and I started licking and sucking on her boobs. And this was always the way all our arguments ended. Vidya always knew how to win arguments with me. The sight of her naked tits, her sexy arms affected me this way and almost all of our arguments ended with me accepting whatever she wanted. And finally after we had another round of sex with her on top of me, I finally accepted her demand for having an open relationship with Akram. But I had little idea of what this would exactly entail and what lay ahead for us in future.

(To Be Continued)
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