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The Second Day - Pt. 04

In the cool damp atmosphere outside in the balcony, slowly my bladder filled up and I could feel the real urge to go inside and pee.

When I could not take it anymore, I told Mintu, "Darling, I need to really go to the bathroom now."

His eyes gleamed. He said, "Well, I won't let you go into the bathroom."

He helped me off the rickety chair and we went inside the room. He shut the door behind him. He then shut all windows and then searched my bag of clothes and then he took out two of my crumpled sarees and placed them below the bed such that two ends of the saree were out from below, one saree near the head post and the other near the foot post.

When I saw his detailed planning I understood that his verbal announcement of his plan for the night was about to be executed by an engineer from IIT. Meticulous planning with precision of action.

I was getting excited by the minute at the prospect of the domination that he wanted to carry out tonight.

When his preparation was over, he came near me and said, "Khuku. Come here. I want to kiss you and make you completely naked." ("Khuku. Ayey. Tokay choomoo khetey khetey poorow pooree nangto koray dee.")

He stood up and assisted me stand up too. And he started to kiss me hungrily all over my face and on my mouth and eyes. There was an uncertain urgency in his kisses. As he kissed he ran his palms softly over my back and caressed my buttocks.

I responded with kissing him as well. I too ran my hands over his back and over his buttocks.

His kisses became more and more passionate. He prized open my mouth and slid his tongue inside my mouth and started sucking my mouth. My excitement was like it was the first time I had sex with him and my tongue went into his mouth much against my will to hold back and let me take me.

His kisses now started sliding down to my neck and to my shoulders.

As he tried to kiss me on my chest, the tee shirt came in the way. He said, "Take this off," and slowly peeled off the tee shirt from my top.

I lifted my hands to help slip off my tee shirt. When my hands were up and my face hidden under the raised tee shirt, he stopped and wrapped his hands around my waist and kissed my nipples one by one.

I felt that electric shock that I always feel when I am getting hot and want to do it.

Mintu kissed my breasts repeatedly all over and sucked each of my nipples one by one.

I was hot and knew that he wanted to take me the way he liked. Yet I suggested, "Take the tee shirt off completely and take me fully,"

He took off my tee shirt. I was completely naked waist upwards. I was trembling with anticipation.

As the tee shirt came off, Mintu steered me to the edge of the bed and made me sit down, and said, "Toar dootow maaee chooshbo and chaatbo". ("I will now suck and lick your two boobs.")

I realized that he was really hot. He was not wearing any underwear. His cock was up in its full regalia and could be seen throbbing from over the saree which was doubling as a lungee. I slowly lowerd my hands and caressed that cock of his. He loved it and asked, "You want it?"

"Yes. Very badly."

He answered, "Hmmmmm."

He went about kissing me all over my torso with special care to my boobs.

He was standing in front of me now. I slowly slid his lungee apart and touched his cock. It was warm and throbbing. I could not help it. I wrapped my right palm around it and pulled it out from below the folds of the lungee. I lowered my face and kissed its bulbous tip.

He asked, "Kee ray. Aaamar baada chooshbee na kee?" ("You want to suck my cock?")

I did not answer. I simply undid the lungee knot and let it fall. Mintu was completely naked in front of me. I continued to hold his cock with my right palm and with my left palm cupped his two balls and slowly lowered my puckered mouth and slowly took his cock into my mouth.

His pre cum had that pungent smell of raw sex. I tasted that deeply salty pre cum and slowly ran my tongue all over his cock tip inside my mouth.

Mintu hissed with pleasure as I sucked his cock and licked it and rolled my mouth from side to side.

I strated to pump his cock with my mouth. Once as his cock slid out of my mouth, I quickly said, "Aaamaar maaee tayp." (Squeeze my boobs.")

He slid his hands around my boobs from my back as I leant and sucked his cock and caressed his balls.

Then I started to fuck his cock with my mouth. In – out. In – out. In – out. In – out. In – out.

He made noises that made me know, he was loving it.

But I wanted his load inside my pussy and not my mouth and stopped and gasped for breath and said, "Toar semen amaar gooday day." ("Give me your semen inside my pussy.")

Mintu pulled me up to stand in front of him. He said, "Toar lungee ta khulay daye." ("Take off your lungee.")

I stood still when he fumbled with the lungee knot and looked on to see what I looked like as the lungee fell and I became completely naked in front of him.

In seconds the lungee fell down. I felt a rush of blood through my entire body and my pussy felt warm. My head swam for a few seconds. On one front I felt like covering my pussy with my palms in modesty. On the other, I wanted to be wanton and help him take me strongly.

He stepped back and had one good look at my entire naked body, with special care of my totally bald pussy.

He scooped me into his arms and placed me on the bed. And then he picked up the saree he had placed below the bed on the head board side and started to tie my wrist one by one above my head. He said, "Toar haath dootow bendhay toar maaee teepbo aar goooodey choomoo khabo." ("I am tying your hands up to kiss you on your boobs, squeeze your boobs and kiss your pussy.")

I was turning mad with desire.

Slowly he started to caresses my boobs with his finger tips and started to kiss my boobs one by one.

As his kisses on my boobs became more urgent, his finger tips moved to my crotch. It ran over my slit and teased my pussy.

I hissed, "Paa phaank koray, aamaar gooday aangul day." ("Spread my pussy lips and finger me.")

He did not do as I asked. As I simpered with excitement, he shifted his position and started to slowly kiss my pussy lips from over. While his palms started to slowly squeeze by boobs and pinch my nipples one by one.

Then he changed gears and said, "Toar haath baandha aachchey. Aibaar toar paa jowr koray phaank koraay, toar goooodtakay chaatbo." (Your hands are tied. Now I will spread your legs with force and I will now lick your clit.")

I was turning mad with desire and the urgency was growing. He wanted to dominate my sex with his power. He then knelt between my slightly open legs and slowly wrapped his hands below my buttocks and lifted my buttocks high till his mouth with my two legs dangling over his shoulders.

I cried out with pain (in my twisted back) and said, "Aaaah Keee hochchey taa kee?" ("What are you up to?")

He did not answer. His tongue went into action. My hands tied above my head and my buttocks raised up opened my slit wide open. He swirled my clit with his tongue and started to flick the clit.

I was screaming with shocks of pleasure passing down from my crotch all the way into my brain.

"Aaaaaeeeee. Oooooh. St-o-o-o-o-p it. Oooooh Maaa."

It did not take more than two minutes for a large orgasm to hit me. I shuddered and writhed with pleasure as he continued to play with my clit.

I screamed, "Please st-o-o-o-op. Please."

He just went on.

I had shudder after shudder passing through me. My body twisted and turned from side to side and I was mouthing obscenities, "Aaamaky chod. Please aamaamakay chod." ("Fuck me. Please fuck me.")

I had sweat pouring down my flanks. He then placed me back on the bed.

He then leant over me and kissed me on my quivering mouth. While doing that he released my wrists from the saree that was tied on them.

He then caught the same saree ends and lifted my knees up and wrapped the saree end on each of my knees. He the tide knots over the knees.

I softly asked, "Kee hochchey taa kee?" ("What are you up to?")

When the knees were tide in the frog position, he then picked up the saree that had been place near the foot board side and tied the knee points and started to force them apart.

He answered my query and said, "Toar dootow paa phaank koray uporay koray bendhay choooodbo." ("I am tying your legs so that they are far apart and they are up in the air. Then I will fuck you.")

He then knelt between my legs and commanded me, "Take this cock in your hands and get yourself fucked." ("Nay ayee baada ta kay dhoray neejakay chudiye nay.")

I lowered my hands and held his cock with my right hand and parted my pussy lips with my left hand fingers and pulled his cock closer to the mouth of my pussy.

He rested his hands on both my sides and lowered his cock onto my open mouthed pussy. As the tip of his cock touched, I hissed, "Joray dhukiye dey." ("Shove it in. Fuck me.")

He gave one strong lunge inside and the whole cock got deeply embedded inside my cunt.

He cried out with pleasure and I gasped at the quick and powerful entry into my womanhood.

Then his loins broke out into a strong and powerful stroke after stroke. Some long. Some slow, some rotating and some deep inside.

I was screaming with pleasure, "Aaaah. Oooooh. Hmm. Hmm. Hmm. Nnnn."

My wailing excited him and he started ramming his cock in and out of my cunt. He was now into a fast tempo, sinking his prick fully in and taking it almost out. I was experiencing rapid and thorough fucking. I wanted to lift my buttocks to meet his strokes when he thrust into me. But I was tied up.

Soon I was in throes of orgasm after orgasm and continuously wailing, " Aahh OOOHnn UGGHH UUNHGG AARRRGG OOHhh UUNNUUHRGG OOHHHH".

His balls were slapping my ass with each stroke. PHUUTH, PHUUTH, PHUUTH, PHUUTH, Mintu went on and on. When he was about to explode, he put his full weight on me and ejaculated deep inside me.
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