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The Saga of Incest. Ch - 07 : Pt. 02

While she was leaving I spanked hard on her ass, she looked back at me, smiled and ran into her room. I went to mine and undressed completely and got into bed, waiting for mummy. After some time, I heard footsteps approaching my room.

Finally I saw mummy standing in the doorway, she was not coming inside. I realized that she wanted to do it in same way as in the movie. I closed my eyes, pretending to be asleep. She came inside after some time and then again stood in doorway.

Again she came back to me and sat down on my bed beside me. I was feeling her lustful eyes on my naked body. She reached her hand towards my flaccid cock and took it in her small hands. I was just trying not to think anything sexual to keep my cock for getting hard and I was successful. But when she started to play with my cock, it started to grow in her hands. When it got semi hard, mom bend and kissed my stomach.

She licked stomach area around my naval and then moved down towards my crotch. I felt her tongue licking the whole length of my cock and then moving downwards to lick my balls. She moved back up to take my cock into her mouth and began sucking it. My cock was growing bigger with her each stroke.

As decided, I opened my eyes after some more sucking. Mummy was still sucking my cock without looking at me. Her long silky hair which were loose blocked my view of her face.

Me: “oh mummy….. you are sucking my cock…..”, I said moving her hair behind her neck. She didn’t said anything and kept on sucking my cock. I noticed that she was wearing a black colored satin night gown which was sleeveless and showed almost all of her big boobs.

I could see her nipples move out while her breasts were still inside her nighty. As in that scene, I started to pinch her nipple, moving one of her boobs out of her soft nighty. Mummy was lost in sucking my cock.In this last month, since our affair started mummy learnt to suck cock like a professional slut.

she used to say me that daddy always complained that she didn’t knew how to suck a cock properly. Now if daddy had her cock sucked from her, I believe he would always keep his cock inside mummy’s mouth. I moved my hand from her nipple and moved down towards her pussy. I started to rub her crotch over her gown.

I moved her head away from my cock and told her to get on top of bed. She straddled me by putting both her legs on either side of me and started to raise the hem of her nighty up. I was playing with her boobs. When my hands were obstructing her way, I removed my hands from her big breasts and helped her remove her dress over her head.

She threw her dress on the chair near the study table of my room and looked back at me. I moved up, put both my arms around her and kissed her on lips. She pushed me back on bed and said, “just lay down on bed and fuck me as he fucked his mother.” I laid back and mummy took my cock and guided inside her pussy and started to ride it. it really seemed like we were the actors who were acting in the taboo movie.

While our fucking continued as our crotches met, I was sucking on mummy’s boobs by pulling her down and sometimes taking break to breathe and kiss her on lips. We fucked like that for some more time and then I pulled my sweet mother down and we switched position. Now she was on her back with her legs opened wide and my cock still inside her. We kissed, fucked, groaned for some more time.

After fucking mummy enough to get a couple of orgasms, I moved on top of her and sat across her chest. I positioned my cock in between her breasts and started to fuck her titties. Mummy held both her boobs in her hand, making a deep valley and good passage for pistoning of my cock in her cleavage. For once also my cock never slipped from in between herboobs. When my cock moved completely up, mummy opened her mouth and moved her tongue out to lick the head of my cock.

She told me to push it more upward so that she can take it into her mouth. As instructed, I did it and I was seeing the pink head of my cock moving in out of mummy’s mouth in rhythm of my fucking. Popping sounds were also coming in addition to our moans and groans. I was ready to ejaculate and I told mummy.

She put her fingers on my lips and said, “just release it….”. and then I released it without any hesitation. First two spurts went on to land on mummy’s cheeks, third one on her nose, fourth and fifth on her lips and chin and some last of them landed on her neck and breasts. Mummy smeared all my cum on her face like she was applying some cream. Then she licked all her fingers to taste me.

Don’t know why, I got a sudden urge of kissing my mummy on her lips. Without thinking that she had my cum all over, I kissed mummy passionately. For the first time in my life, I tasted my own cum. I got a tickling in my stomach of thinking about that weird act but then also I didn’t stop kissing her. Somehow it aroused me some more. I was still having a hard on. I pushed mummy on her back and inserted my cock in her pussy again and fucked her for some more time till my cock clipped out from her cunt by itself.

Mummy: “wow beta, that was wonderful……you got a hardon even after ejaculating…..”

Me: “don’t know mummy, I just got amazed by enacting that scene with you……”

After some more cuddling, kissing and sucking, mummy said that she is having all my cum on her face and she wanted to get cleaned. I aslo asked her to take shower because I didn’t wanted to taste my cum on her face again. We separated and she went to my attached bathroom. I also followed her inside.

She said to come after some times because she wanted to pee. I wentnear her and grabbed her. I said that I also wanted to pee and instead of sitting and peeing, we will do it together by standing. But I told her to wash her face first. After she cleaned her face, she came to me. I took her near toilet seat and we stood above the toilet seat.

We both were facing each other. I pulled mummy to me and kissed her and rubbed my cock on her pussy. I told in her ear to start peeing when I kiss her. When our lips met, I felt hot fluid flowing down her legs and my cock. After she started, I also released my urine with her. Both of us were urinating in unison.

We kissed like that till we were done with pissing. After we finished, we were rubbing our lower body, thus wetting all our legs. She told me, “what dirty thing are you doing son”. I told her “mummy if we can do the dirtiest thing (incest) in our home, then this is nothing….”

Mummy smiled at me and kissed me. I told her "we will bath together". After fucking in my bed for the first time, we were going to shower in my bathroom for the first time. We begun our round two in the shower itself. After washing hair, I knelt infront of her and begun licking her. After I tasted her fluids along with water flwoing down her body I got up. Then I told mother to suck me.

She got on her knees on wet tiled floor and begun sucking me. I too moved down and made her lie down on wet floor. She happily spread her legs and invited me inside her cunt. We fucked there for some more time till mother complained that the floor is very hard.

She said she will enjoy more in bed, which was very true. I got up and pulled mummy up and we dried each other with towels and then went back to my bed. Our hairs were still wet as I liked fucking mummy with wet hair. Back in bed, we started fooling around again.

We kissed, licked, sucked and fucked for some more time till I came. This time I came on her ass after fucking her hot cunt. We slept there on my bed only, which was a single bed unlike my parent’s queen sized bed.

Next morning when I woke up, mummy was not with me in my bed. This was very unlikely as I would find her spread naked on bed beside me when I wake up every morning since our affair started. I looked at watch and saw that it was not that late, then how come she woke up so early. After wearing my pyjama, I went out to find mummy. On the dining table I found a note. I took it and started to read it in my mind.

It said, “Dear Zaheer beta, what happened last night should not have happened. I got very horny last night after seeing you naked in bed. I was longing for a cock in my pussy. Your daddy doesn’t care about my needs. I’m sorry that I let it happen.
I also want to tell you that this cannot happen again. It was just a one time thing. Hope you don’t disclose about this to anyone. Love, your and only yours horny mummy Rubina Zafar Ahmed Khan J”.

I was confused after reading that letter. Straight away I went to my parent’s bedroom. Mummy was not there also. I checked her in bathroom, kitchen, store room and every where, but didn’t find her. I looked out from the window and saw mummy outside in our garden, watering the plants. I went near her and threw that letter on her “what the hell did you write in this letter?”

“oh…dear….that is nothing….i didn’t mean it……”

Me: “then why did you write all this shit?”

Mummy: “beta do you think I will ever stop loving you….. you know that I need your young cock more than you need my old and used cunt…..”

Me: “this is not my answer mummy…what does this letter means…..”

Mummy: “beta…..that was just for fun…..do you remember that scene we saw last night……after fucking her son, she also left a letter for her son in morning…..”

Me: “so what…..”

Mummy: “it is just a part of that scene enactment….. I wanted to complete that scene….that’s why I wrote that letter….”

Me: “oh mummy, you scared the hell out of me….i thought all this shit was real….”

Mummy: “oh mera beta…..i will never ever think of something like that…..”

Hearing this, I went near her and took her in my arms and locked lips with hers. After some kissing, we heard something behind us and mummy realized that we were standing out in the garden.
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