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The Saga of Incest. Ch - 02 : Pt. 01

Zaheer Gets To Fuck His Mummy Ruby

A new day started as I woke up from my bed, my eyes directly went on to the clock on the wall. I was late. I thought that my mom may also be sleeping today. So I got up and went to pee and then took my toothbrush. Still brushing my teeth, I came out into living room and found that mom was watching TV. I asked her when she woke up; she said that she woke up to take the milk. I thought that bastard milkman was very happy to see mummy taking the milk today.

I went back to my bathroom to clean my teeth and get fresh when I came back; mom said that breakfast was ready. Now mummy prepared the breakfast after so many days.I went and started the breakfast and told her that she may have told to me to get the breakfast. She said that she did not want to disturb me as I may have arrived late in night and couldn’t sleep properly. She also said slowly that she was feeling better now because of my massages. I smiled hearing this and she also smiled.

Later, in the day I was doing some household works and today mom too joined me. I said I can manage, but then also she insisted she will do something. I didn’t stop her then after most of the work was done, I told mom to go and enjoy the TV. She went to the living room and took the remote of TV after completing the work.

I too joined her and she said “beta I feeling completely well now.” Hearing this I thought mom may not agree for massage now but still I was confident that even if she didn’t need massage, she will need some fun, which she found in our massage sessions. I was waiting for my mom to ask for massage but she didn’t. I was looking at the clock above the TV but she didn’t ask to me.

So finally it was getting late. So, I put the proposal forward that she must have been very tired and I will give her massage. She said no need I was confused hearing this.
I can't understand what to say next after half an hour again I asked her. She said no. Now I was dying to touch her and after some time I pleaded to her to let me give her massage.

I said that I am sorry for yesterday and I will just rub her from back and not touch her boobs. She looked at my face and started laughing loudly. Then she said she enjoyed what I did with her. She also said that she don’t want massage right now. She said may be sometime later in evening and she will tell me when she wants massage from me. Now I was sure that mom also wanted to enjoy our fun time.

I was eagerly waiting for that time. Soon it was evening and her TV serials started which she never missed. When she got busy with her TV shows, I thought that I will not get anything today and soon we also had dinner. I was very sad as she was enjoying TV shows, but she also noticed my sad face. All the TV shows were finished and then mummy went to kitchen to get the water that she keeps in her bedroom in case if she feels thirsty at night. After taking the water bottle, she moved towards her bedroom. I was just sitting on the couch with a remote in my hand and continuously changing the channels.

Mummy was standing near her bedroom door, turned around to face me and called my name. I looked at her to check if she needed something. She said to me beta, I need a good massage before I sleep today. So come to my room. Hearing this, I jumped with joy and seeing me smile, my mom also smiled.

Soon, I switched of the TV and then just followed her into her bedroom the next second. Once inside, I went to take the oil bottle from the cupboard then I turned around and I did not see mummy near her bed. I moved my eyes to the other corner of the room. Mom was standing near the bathroom door.

I thought she must be going to pee inside but instead, she called me up to her and said that she would like to have bath first and then the massage. I asked her why, to which she said that she feels very relaxed after massage and wanted to feel the same way whole night.so she wanted massage after the bath. Then she asked me to unzip her kameez. She could have done it herself but she wanted me to enjoy. she was in seductive mood. I went behind her and unzipped the zipper of her kameez. She did not remove her kameez still.

Meanwhile she was trying to undo the strings of her shalwar. Still standing behind her, I moved my hands around her waist and moved her kameez above then finally I took the string of her shalwar, indicating that I will undo that too for her. I just pulled the string and the knot opened and I released the shalwar, so that it fell down onto the ground around her feet.

She moved her legs and came out of the shalwar and kicked them into the corner of the room. I put my hand on her panty covered ass and then she turned to see me and I told her “mummy, put your hands up in the air”. She did as I told her and I moved her kameez above and then removed it over her head.

I put my hands on her waist and told “let’s continue in bathroom”, indicating that I will remove all of her clothes inside. Then she asked me if I was not removing my clothes. As soon as I heard this, within seconds, I removed my clothes and was standing only in the underwear infront of my mom. She smiled and we went into the bathroom.

We both, just in our undergarments, came inside the bathroom while I was preparing hot water, mom, now sitting on the stool was looking at me and after I finished, I took the shampoo and lotion and went behind her to start her bath at that time.

She said me that she doesn’t want to bath first. I was confused hearing this. First she says that she wants to take the bath first and now she was saying that she don’t want to take bath first. I reminded her that she only said that she wanted to take bath first before massage.

She smiled and said, yes beta! I want to take bath first before the massage but i also want to do one more thing before you bath me. I asked what she wanted and she told to me, yesterday, you said that my pubic hairs are long and I must cut them and so I'm thinking of doing it first.

Now i was very happy that mom will finally remove her pubic hair and she saw me smiling and said but, hearing this I stopped smiling and looked at her hoping that she may tell me to go out till she shave her hair instead she asked me, “did you remove your pubic hair?”

Suddenly I blurted out I did not remove them for last two months. She looked at me smilingly and said before she removed her pubic hair, she will remove my pubic hair. I was happy to hear that she was interested in watching my cock with the silly excuse of removing my pubic hair.

She asked me to get my shaving kit. I ran to my room in underwear only and came back with my full shaving kit within in a minute. She took the razor and foam from it. She told me to stand in front of her and then she put her thumbs in the waistband of my underwear and pulled them down. My semi hard cock was suddenly out of it.

Yes, it was not completely hard as I tried my best to control my feelings also now I was habituated of seeing my mom in nude. She looked at it and said oh my god! My son has grown up into a beautiful man now.

Listening to this compliment from my mummy, I felt little proud. She made me stand in front of her and I thought she will be taking my cock in her mouth at any moment but then mummy shake the foam cream bottle and sprayed the foam on my cock. She took the razor and took hold of my cock with her left hand and started shaving me with her right hand. My cock, feeling the softness of her beautiful hand began to get hard.

She then shaved all my pubic hairs and then put water on it to clean the portion. After that she washed my razor and kept it aside. Now, all my pubic hair was removed and my cock was looking clean and fair. She then said to me that it was my turn now. I asked her “mummy, do you shave your hair or just trim them. She in return asked me “how I would I like it to be”.

Now, my mom was asking me how I will like her pussy, clean shaved or trimmed. She was asking for my opinion. She wanted to keep it my way. I was very happy to hear that how I wanted her pussy to look. I thought that she would be asking me to shave her pussy because she did it to me but I liked the pussies with some hairs in the porn films so I said I don’t want to see her pussy clean shaven.

So I told that I will just trim her pussy, she asked how? I got up and again ran into my room, this time completely naked. I took the trimmer from my drawer and again ran back into mummy’s bathroom. She was sitting there playing with water while waiting for me to return. I came behind her and said “by using this trimmer”. Now I was ready to see my mummy’s pussy. I instructed her to get up. She stood up before me and I sat down on her stool.

I made her come in front of me. Now my mom was standing infront of me with bra and panty on and my face was waiting just 6 inches away from her pussy.
I rolled my hands from her legs, through her thighs and finally on her waist. I was ready to remove mummy’s panty. Make her nude to trim her pussy.

She told me to wait and before removing her pubic hair, one more thing to do. I wondered what that would be. She said me to remove her armpit hairs. I was happy to do this but angry to delay seeing her pussy.

She first put her left hand up in the air and told me to remove the hair there. I also got up and put my left arm around her waist and got her close to me. I slowly trimmed her armpit hair.

Meanwhile she was playing with my hair using her right hand after I completed she raised her right hand up to complete removing her armpit hairs when I was done with that too ,she said me that I have done a good work then she said that now I can trim her pussy.

Now I could not wait anymore and sat down the next moment. I put my hands around her ass and pulled her near me. She told easy tiger. I moved my hands from her ass and put my thumbs in the waistline of her panty and looked up into her eyes and she winked at me.
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