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My Hindu Mother Part 3

"Sumeet, this is not right. I am your mother and you are my son."

"I know mom," was my answer.

I started to caress her buttocks slowly. My hand covered the top cheek and then bottom one somewhat. I then started tracing the line between the two cheeks with my finger. She just let me, with an occasional half-hearted try to pull away, which I quickly thwarted.

She couldn't stop her physical response to having a penis knocking on her cunt. Her cunt started to lubricate itself, as if the penis was coming in. Her pussy didn't care what her mind was planning; it was responding to the stimulation. My penis was hard, so it was starting to arouse her. She was getting aroused despite her best efforts not to. She didn't want to get pleasure from my hands on her ass, but she couldn't help it. I kept my penis in one place but my hand was covering more and more territory.

I started to slide her petticoat down and lifted her one leg and then the other to remove it completely. I pushed her onto her back and put my hand between her thighs to separate them. I then moved over between her legs.

I positioned myself so that my body was leaning over her and my hands were placed around her shoulders. I was on all fours. I nudged her thigh to indicate that I wanted her to pull her knees up.

"Sumeet, what are you doing?" She asked again.

Instead of replying her I got up into a kneeling position, placed my hands around her legs and lifted them up. She resisted and tried to keep them down but I insisted and raised them finally.

"Sumeet, please don't. This is not right." She protested and looked down towards the area where our bodies were meeting. My penis was hard and lurking above her pussy. I looked at her pussy and then reached with one hand to touch her clit. She squirmed like I had touched her with a hot iron.

"No please. You are not supposed to be doing this."

I placed my thumb on it and pressed on it lightly. "Oh, Bhagvan (Lord), help me please." She cried. I was very gentle. I rubbed on it for a few moments and then I traced across her cunt with my thumb. She cried with anguish, "No, please stop. Please don't do this."

My thumb found her hole and paused. I pressed it downward until it started to enter her hole. She was really wet so it slid down with ease, but I didn't go in, only loitered around the opening. Then I brought my other hand down and pulled her pussy lips apart. I saw the pink area around her opening and I used my thumbs and forefingers to simultaneously squeeze and caress across the sides of her pussy. I was very gentle and she couldn't help but like the feel. Even though I was her son, still a man was caressing her pussy. She wasn't supposed to be excited, but she was Finally the urge took over her. I moved down on top of her and stretched my legs back. My cock was pointing down onto her soft mound. I moved back and forth while lowering my body right onto hers, until my dick made contact in the right area. I lowered my body on top of her, the soft, hard penis pressed on her puffed up clit. She yelled an unrecognizable word, almost like many words got jumbled up in her throat and came out as a mixed up sound. I moved down further and my penis traced on her pussy.

"No Sumeet! Please no." She repeated her mantra.

I grabbed my shaft with one hand, until its head found the area between her sacred lips and then moved it down until it wedged on top of the opening. She put her hands on my chest and tried to push me off. "No, Sumeet! Don't do this, please. Don't change our relationship. Stop what you are doing."

Pressing on my chest I applied pressure on my cock and her wet and slippery opening betrayed her resolve to not let me in. I started to enter her with ease.

"Noooo Sumeet! Noooo son! Noooooo!" I pressed down and the head of my dick made its way past her opening. I shoved it all the way in with one quick thrust.

"Hey Ram, help me please." She cried. "Oh Bhagven, what has happened?"

I reached under her and grabbed her shoulders. Then I slid my cock out slowly until it was about to exit and then shoved it down again. Up, in, up, in, until I developed a slow and forceful rhythm. I started to fuck my Hindu mother with the zeal of a rider on a galloping horse.

"My son is fucking me, Lord. My son is having sex with me." She cried. "Help me, Lord. My son is putting his thing inside my thing."

She was protesting but she was not resisting and that was important to me. I started pumping at a steady pace. I wasn't in a hurry, but at the same time I wasn't going easy on her. She was trembling against my thrusts.

"Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!" She could only stutter. "Sumeet, oh! Oh! Son!" She could only manage to say those as my thrusts made all the other words go back in.

I was not silent, I was uttering, "Ah! Ah! Ah!" to her. She clenched her teeth and the sound became, "Umph, umph, umph."

She was no more in a position to stop me from fucking her and I fucked her good. My thrusts started to touch a part of her that was not motherly, but womanly. The way her pussy was reacting to my thrusts, it was almost like it was hungry for them; like it was waiting all this time for them.

All her muscles were tightening but especially her cunt muscles. She bit her lips trying to keep her screams in. Her body was not completely under her control so it was difficult to prevent her middle part from convulsing with pleasure.

"Unh, unh, unh, unh, unh," she sang as I continued pumping. There were beads of perspiration on my forehead and the trickles of sweat down my chest. I was reaching a critical point. Suddenly she pulled hard on my buttocks and stretched herself upward into me. Then it happened. She became helpless. She thrust into me uncontrollably and then held herself and her pussy tight into my pelvic bone. "Sumeet, oh Sumeet," she cried.

I was unable to continue thrusting, as I was catching my breath. She said again, "Ooooh Sumeet, Ooooooh Sumeet. What have you done to me? What have you made me do?"

I just held my cock in a place as she jerked a couple of times and then held herself in place against me. Her butt was above the bed and airborne. "Unhhh, unhhh, arrrrghhh, aaaaaa!" She screamed and with that, her body eased.

Once she touched the bed again with her ass, I collapsed on top of her. She hugged me against her bosom. She held me tight. Her hands were on my back, drenched with my perspiration. I was still hard and still fully embedded inside of her. "Sumeet, speak to me, son. What have you done?"

I tried to say something but the words didn't come out. She held me against herself tight. She was waiting for my release as my thrusts became more and more forceful. I could feel the pressure building in my cock. One hard thrust and a hell broke loose. I was shooting and I was trying to hold on to her for dear life.

Once the storm subsided, she said, "I hope no one finds out what we have done."

"No," I said. "I won't tell anyone."

"It is not a matter of telling anyone but a matter to be taken more seriously" She said in a grim tone.

"What do you mean Ma?"

"Promise me you will never do such thing again"

How quickly she became a mother again from a woman was astonishing. I was in no mood to make false promises. When she saw me silent she spoke again. "I think what you did was not your conscious decision. You were surely under the spell of an evil spirit (yakshi)."

"Yes I think you are right Ma," I said seriously but inside I was laughing.

"Tomorrow I will take you to a Tantri baba who will cure you from yakshi."

Although I wanted some more sex immediately but I realized that time was not right. I would have to wait a little. I promised to obey her in future. With that both of us put our cloths back on us and went to sleep.

Next day we were supposed to go back to our town but my mother had other ideas. She wanted to take me to a Tantri. We took a local cab to cover some distance but our feet covered most of the distance. The tantri's house was deep in the jungle surrounded by trees. It was almost evening when we reached there. The tantri was sitting with some of his disciples and was sucking a pipe. As we bowed to pay him regards he looked at us suspiciously.

"Why you came, what is the matter?'

My mother searched for the right words and then said, "This boy is my son, but he is under a spell, I want you to cure him,"

"How can you be so sure that he is under a spell woman?' He asked.

"Because...." Mother again searched for the right words and then said, "Because... he tried to rape me."

"And you let that happen?"

"He forced me Baba jee... I..." She started sobbing.

"Okay I understand, I will see what can I do to get this boy free from any evil spell"

"Please do something," Mother requested like a woman in pain.

This talk made me a little frightened because I had no idea how that tantri will take my care. He saw me getting pale so he smiled and said, "Don't be afraid young man I will ask you to perform a ritual and then you will get rid of this yakshi forever."

"I will pay any amount for that baba," Mother assured him.

"Later" He said, "Just keep in mind that both of you will obey all my instructions otherwise I will not be successful and the yakshi may cause serious damage including death."

This made mother look pale but she said, "We will obey you baba,"

"The ritual will be performed at night till then you can rest in the room, my man will show to you."

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