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Memories of Mom & Aunt - Pt. 05

For next couple of days, every night I visualised mom's gorgeous nudity. I started feeling rather unsettled in my mind. With every passing day, the stir in my mind became stronger and I my mind was in great turmoil. I was now desperate to have full physical love with mom, which I couldn't have on the last occasion. I knew mom would be totally averse to the idea. At the same time, I was sure that mom also enjoyed the physical adventure with me as much as I did. She had avoided the final stage just because of her strong inhibition.

It struck me that after the episode, mom pleasured herself behind the close doors in the bathroom. Her physical urge must have been as great as monima's, who could overcome her inhibitions. Monima also missed the pleasure on the first occasion. But she didn't hesitate to finger herself to climax in my presence. She also had the will to enjoy to the hilt. She could do so, just because her inhibitions couldn't hold her back.

I thought I must try to break mom's taboo and make her enjoy like monima did. I decided to open this issue with mom and win her over. As I would be leaving home for a very long time, I would have a deep regret in my mind if I couldn't fulfil mom's hidden and my express desire.

One evening mom & I were watching TV and dad was not at home.

I brought up the topic with her. "Mom, I can't forget what happened between us that day." "Ma, sedin tomar amar modhye ja hoyechhilo, ami kichhutei ta bhulte parchhina."

"Nor can I forget." she said without removing her eyes from the TV. "Amio bhulte parchhina."

I said, "I just can't understand why, having come so close to it, you retraced the steps." "Ami kichhutei bujhte parchhina, keno tumi etota kachhe eseo pichhiye gele."

Mom said, "It was a mistake for me to give in. My mindset will never allow this." "Amar egono tai bhul hoye chhilo. Amar manosiktay eta mene neoya sombhob noy."

"But you can't deny the physical desire that you had. It's you who always say that natural urge shouldn't be suppressed." I continued arguing. "Tumi aswikar korte parbena je tomar sorir chaichhilo. Tumi to sob somoy bolo je bhetorer ichhetake chepe rakhte nei."

Mom was now exasperated, "I can't fight your logical arguments. But mentally no way I can accept this." "Ami tor sathe juktite pere uthbona. Kintu eta ami mon theke mante parbona."

Now I got close to her and hugging her softly I said, "Can you deny that your body was flooded with love? Only for a mental block you denied yourself the pleasure. Why can't you keep away that inhibition at least for some time? I shall now be away from home, god knows for how long. Possibly I will never be staying under the same roof with you. Why can't we create a secret that you & I can cherish for ever?"

"Tumi ki aswikar korte parbe je tomar sorire sedin bhalobasar joyar esechhilo? Sudhu ekta moner badhar jonyo oi bhalo laga take tumi jor kore soriye dile. Tumi ki khanikta somoy er jonyo tomar sonskar ke dure soriye rakhte parona? Ami ekhon bari chhere chole jabo, koto diner jonyo bhogoban jane. Hoyto konodin tumi ar ami ek barite ar thakbona. Keno amra chirokal moner modhye lukiye rakhar moto gopon ekta kichhu korina?"

I was getting sentimental as I said this. I kissed mom on her cheeks and she held my head on her breast.

"Give me a little time, my child. Let me get over my mental inhibition." Tears appeared at the corner of her eyes as she finally relented. "Amake ektu somoy de baba. Ami amar moner sonskar ektu katiye uthi."

Almost a week passed by and there were only a few days left before my departure. As mom kept totally silent on this secret issue between us, I was getting a bit impatient. But I thought better of reminding her and waited for her.

It was only three days before my departure and dad announced at the breakfast table that he had to go to Bombay for two days. He would leave that afternoon and come back the next day, just one day before my departure. He had already packed his bag and would go to the airport directly from office. After breakfast, he gave me a hug and left for office.

Now mom smiled at me and said, "Listen, I have decided to be your girlfriend for a day." "Shon, ami thik korlam je ekdiner jonyo ami tor premika hobo."

Hearing this, I was totally excited. I hugged mom tightly and kissed her face repeatedly. Mom played cool and asked me to wait till the evening. A little later, mom left for the college. I also went out and spent time with friends and came back after having lunch with them. As I came home and opened the door with my keys, I found mom was already back from college. She said she would now have a nap and in the evening she would take me out for a farewell dinner.

I waited for the evening with bated breath. As mom slept in her bedroom, I kept myself busy with packing. Later, I slept for a while and woke up with big hard on. I suddenly remembered how I had messed up the first time with monima. To eliminate that possibility I went to the toilet and jerked off.

After some time, mom woke up and made tea. Over the tea mom told me so many stories about my childhood and I could see she was feeling nostalgic. After we chatted for a long time, mom asked me to get dressed. She went to the bedroom to dress up.

As I waited for her, lots of thought passed through my mind. I was feeling bad that I had to leave my home and family for an unknown destination. I came back from my thoughts as mom announced she was ready to go. Wow, wasn't she pretty. She was wearing a sheer black silk sari, a matching black low cut blouse her cleavage and a large part of her back was outside the blouse, a diamond necklace, and very dark lipstick. The room was full with intoxicating aroma of her perfume.

I was mesmerised with her dazzling beauty. After silently admiring her beauty for a while, I walked up to her and pecked her cheek. I looked at her waist and pushed the sari down below her bellybutton.

As she resisted a bit, I told her, "Your belly button is awfully nice and you can't hide it behind the sari." "Tomar nabhi darun sundor. Otake sari diye dheke rakhle cholbena"

She went back to the bedroom and came out after adjusting the sari. It was now tied well below the belly button. The stretch marks showed a bit but that added ripeness to her beauty.

I never had a girlfriend and didn't know what was the pride & pleasure in showing off a pretty girl friend to the outside world. As we got down from the car at the entrance of a five star hotel, I knew what it was. I never felt so proud in my life. I held her by the arm and we walked in.

We went to the Polynesian restaurant, where a band was playing. I had never been to this kind of a posh restaurant before and in normal course would have felt a bit uneasy. But walking beside my gorgeous mom gave a different kind of confidence. There was a crooner, a very sexy looking woman, who was singing a popular romantic song. The light was dim and the atmosphere was delightful. I felt proud to be seated beside my gorgeous 'girlfriend'. We were seated at a corner table and we sat on a L shaped sofa along the wall. I felt happy that I could touch her under the table, without being noticed.

To celebrate my adulthood, mom ordered a Polynesian cocktail for me and wine for herself. The drink was served in a coconut shell and tasted very nice. I asked mom if I could smoke and mom smilingly said ok. She asked me not to take out my cheap brand of cigarette and ordered an expensive brand. As I took out a cigarette, mom said she would also have one. I was pleasantly surprised that the waiter lighted our cigarette. As mom very stylishly puffed, I asked her why I never saw her smoking earlier. She said, once in a while, in parties & restaurants, she smokes Dad's cigarettes. I felt I was in a different world, as I enjoyed my smoke and drink sitting beside a gorgeous woman and listening to very nice music.

I held her hand under the table. I can't describe how nice I felt. After a while, mom said that it is expected of me to invite the girlfriend to dance. I was delighted at the suggestion and told her, "May I?" She formally nodded and holding her hand I took her to the dance floor. There were very few people on the floor and there was plenty of space to move around. The music was fast and I tapped my feet & moved my waist with the pulsing beat. Mom also kept the pace and I admired her elegant movement. Soon I got totally carried away and danced with a great tempo. My mind was totally absorbed in the music and the stunning lady in black opposite me.

I don't remember how long we danced. I came back from the dreamland, as the music stopped. Mom gave me a hug and 'thank you' kiss on my cheek. We came back from the floor holding each other's hand. Mom said there was lipstick mark on my cheek and she wiped it with her handkerchief. I could feel her love for me. We ordered more drinks and later ordered dinner.

As we drank in silence enjoying each other's company, I placed one arm around mom's waist. Her exposed waist was soft and a little wet with perspiration. I took out my handkerchief and wiped her waist. I gave the handkerchief to her and she wiped her neck & cleavage. I moved my hand down and felt the softness of the top of her bum, which had small layers of extra fat. I moved my hand over the sides of her hip and later on her thighs. It was so very inviting.

As I was touching mom, she didn't move at all. Her mood was evident from the pleasant look on her face. Her hand also landed on my thigh and as she pressed it, I felt excited.

After we finished dinner, I relaxed with a cigarette. Mom asked for a puff and I held it in her lips. As I brought it back to my lips I noticed the lovely lipstick stain at the tip. It gave me a tremendous excitement.

On our way back home, I felt too excited imagining what was next to come. As we entered our apartment, I could no longer control myself and started kissing her just inside the door.
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