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Memories of Mom & Aunt - Pt. 04

As we cleaned up, we realised that I had no change of dress for the night. Monima gave me uncle's shorts, which was totally ill fitting. She put on a pair of black shorts and a red & black printed front open shirt, with nothing inside. I never saw her in this kind of dress earlier. She looked pretty smart and rather young. She told me that she bought this dress, when she & uncle went for honeymoon to Goa. I was surprised that even after so many years the dress fitted her. She said she wore this only on those rare occasions when she is in a flamboyant mood.

She had another whisky before dinner and after dinner had cognac. She lighted a cigarette as she had the cognac. I knew that she rarely took any hard drink and never smoked.

Reading my thoughts, she told me, "I am feeling awfully liberated today and enjoying myself to the hilt."

After dinner, we listened to some very romantic music for some time. I felt as if I was with a young girl friend and forgot that she was my very own aunt.

As we went to the bedroom she said, "Would you like another round of fun, which would be the last & final one with your aunt?"

"Sure, monima," I said as I took off the ill fitting shorts.

She took off her shorts and unbuttoned the shirt. Now her nudity had very little cover. She didn't take the shirt off and sat down in front of the dressing table. She applied night cream on her face and combed her long hair. She was relaxed and was in no hurry to go to bed. After quite some time she got up and came over to me. She turned her back to me and took off the shirt. I was amazed to see her wonderful back and sexy hips.

She turned back to show off her gorgeous front. She lifted her arms over her head and smiled coyly. She looked so appealing that my heart came to my mouth. She came close to me and sitting by my side fondled my cock, which was erect again.

As I started fondling her boobs, she said with a naughty smile, "I am thinking of trying out a new way of fucking with you. I will be in a four legged position on the bed. You will be able to see the bottom of my cunt just under my asshole. The opening of the cunt would be just in front of you. Standing behind me you will push your cock in my cunt."

"Ami bhabchhi, tor songe ekta notun dhoroner choda try korbo. Ami bichhanar opore hamaguri diye thakbo. Tui amar ponder phutor thik niche guder nich ta dekhte pabi. Guder phutota thik tor samne thakbe. Tui amar pechhone danriye tor banrata amar gude dhukiye dibi."

I was surprised at the new idea and was shocked at the raw language she used. Some guys in school & college did use such language in the private. But I couldn't imagine that a sober housewife like her even knew such words, not to speak of using them. At the same time, I felt quite excited at the language.

She now was on the edge of the bed in a crawling position, with her thighs spread out a bit and said, "Can You see my cunt?" "Amar gud dekhte pachchhis?".

I could see her crack and some dark hairy area just below and said "Let me see."

Saying this I parted her bum cheeks first.

She immediately reacted, "What the hell are you doing? I told you to look for the cunt not the ass hole. Are you going to fuck me in the ass hole?" "Ki korchhis ki? Toke gud khujte bolechhi, ponder phuto noy. Tui ki amar ponde chudbi naki?"

Now I got a kick out of her language and knew how to respond.

I said, "Why are you getting so restless? I know the difference between cunt and ass hole. Let me check your asshole first and then I will find your cunt." "Eto osthir hochchoo keno? Ami gud ar ponder tofat jani. Amake tomar ponder phutota ektu dekhte dao. Tarpor ami tomar gud khujbo."

I looked into her crack and was delighted to see lot of dark hair around her light brown ass hole. I kissed her soft cheeks and smelled her ass hole. Wow, what a raw smell! It was so intoxicating. I lightly poked her ass hole with my tongue and she shrieked.

Now I looked for her cunt and searched through the hairy area between her thighs. I found the cunt opening, which was totally wet. I parted that and I wondered how to enter my cock.

"Now you are at the right spot. Can you shove your cock in?" she said excitedly. "Ebar thik jaygay esechhis. Okhane banra ta dhukiye dite parbi?"

I tried to push my cock without much of success for the first time. She now lifted her hip a bit and I lowered my cock. As she guided me with her hand the cock slipped into the tunnel. I realised it was difficult to hold the cock there and kept it inside with a bit of a pressure. The tunnel was soft and moist. I started pushing in & out. As I got into the rhythm I brought my hands under her torso and found her boobs. I pressed those soft mounds. Wow, what a great pleasure it was.

Now she was screaming like mad, "Fuck harder you bastard, make my cunt burst with your fucking." "Aro jore chod, bokachoda. Gud ta chude phatiye de."

Soon we were in frenzy and the climax was so great that I felt as if I was shooting through the sky like a rocket.

After we had a clean up in the bathroom we lied down in bed, naked, our bodies touching. We were very relaxed and kept silent.

I asked monima, "I was very surprised that you used such filthy language. Of course, those gave me lot of extra kick, but I can't imagine that you even knew such language." "Ami tomar mukhe kancha khisti shune ekebare obak hoye gechhi. Ogulo shune oboshyo ami darun kick pachhchhilam. Kintu ami bhabteo parchhina je tumi oi rokom bhasha jano."

Monima said, "I learnt it all from your uncle. After marriage, he used to teach me all these filthy language. Initially, I hated this. But later, he used such filthy language when we fucked and also prompted me to use such abusive language. After a bit of resistance, I caught on the charm. This added spice to our fucking. Now, of course, our fucking is rare & very mundane and those exciting words are forgotten. Even now on rare occasions when we are in excited mood, usually under influence of liquor, such filthy words give us a lot of extra kick. Today, I wanted it to make it very special for you. That's why I got totally drunk and freely used filthy language."

"Ami tor meshor kache sobkichhu shikhechhi. Biyer pore o amake ei sob kancha khisti shekhato. Prothom dike amar bichchhiri lagto. Pore chodar somoy o oi sob nongra kotha bolto are amakeo bolte bolto. Gorar dike apotti korleo, ami moja ta bujhe gelam. Oi kancha khisti gulo choday notun josh ene dito. Ekhon oboshyo choda khub kome geche ar gatanugotik hoye gechhe.Khisti korao bondho hoye gechhe. Tobu jodi kokhono mal kheye josh eshe jay, amra oi nongra kotha bole darun kick pai."

Monima ran her fingers through my hair and said, "I can't explain to you how much pleasure & satisfaction I got out of you today." "Toke bole bojhate parbona, aj tor kachh theke ami kotota anando ar trpti peyechhi."

I told her, "I will remember this day all my life. This would remain with me as a closely guarded secret for ever." "Ami ajker din ta sara jibon mone rakhbo. Ei smrti ami moner modhye chrokal aral kore rakhbo."

We fell off to sleep.

Next morning, as I woke up smiling monima, wearing a full length house coat, was standing by my side with a cup of tea. My naked body was covered with a sheet. After I finished my tea, monima gave me a towel and wrapping it around my waist I went to the toilet. I realised that monima was not taking any chance for provocation.

As I came out fully dressed, our driver was waiting to take me home. She told me she would now stay back.

As I was leaving, monima gave me a 'motherly" hug and kissing my forehead said, "I will see you before you leave for abroad."

There were drops of tears in her eyes and her voice was choked. I silently left.

2004 From that day, Kana & I came very close to each other. I enjoyed her company mentally & desired her physically. From the next day, I was quite fit. My only ailment was a bit of uneasiness in the anus, which required regular dressing. I was no longer confined to bed and could use the toilet on my own. I didn't need a full time nurse any more. But for the sake of Kana's company I retained her.

Kana used to take a lot of care of me, which were not essential. She rubbed oil on my body before I took bath. She accompanied me inside the toilet, every time I went for a pee. She wanted me to let her come inside, even when I had to shit. As I resisted that, she stood guard outside the toilet. She filled the bathtub with lukewarm water and making me sit in the tub she scrubbed my naked body. Her proximity was a turn on for me, her touch on my naked body made me horny like hell. But there was hardly any chance of seeing or touching her naked body.

Only thing I could do was to kiss her, which was, of course, very sensual every time. Her nurse's uniform was a big hindrance. She was quite willing to let me touch her under her dress. But that was something I hated. Once she jerked me off in the bathroom, but that was something I was not keen to continue. I pined for having her body in full and no compromise was acceptable to me. I told her so and she made no secret about her desire also. But she couldn't take the chance of doing anything beyond touching, even with the engaged sign on.

She said she couldn't take any chance during daytime duty. The matron closely watched nurses during the day, when no liberties could be taken. At this stage, she realised that she was due for night duty from next day. I felt damn happy as she said, we could fully utilise her night duty. Only pitty was, I was to be released the day after.

I spent the whole day expectantly waiting for Kana to come at 8.00 pm for night duty. At around 7.45 pm there was a knock at the door. As I looked up, a pretty lady dressed in a red sari walked in. It took me time to recognise Kana. Without her uniform and particularly without the headgear she was a completely different person. I was amazed at her striking beauty.
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