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An affair-5

Dad came home that evening and started patching the wounds with mom. When we were sitting for dinner, aunt’s daughter came probably to spy on dad and find out if he is going to her place. Dad hesitated. I sensed he was thinking of staying back. We asked the girl to have dinner with us. After dinner, dad and I went outside and talked.

" Probably you should go dad " I started the discussions.

" But your mother will not like it "

" Yes but you have only this week to spend nights with her "

" Your mother will be furious "

" She knows it now dad. It doesn't make much difference. She will be normal when you get back her next week "

" Sounds like you are more interested on me going there than Me ! " he said.

I came out of closet.

I said " I worked very hard for the past few days with mom. She is slowly coming my way dad. If you stay with her tonight, it will ruin my chances. You are luck dad. You get both mom and aunty and I want mom only. Give us a week dad. Once you get back we both know mom will get back to you ! Till then at-least give me an opportunity to get her think my way "

" It is interesting how you ask me to let you sleep with my wife " dad said.

" Because you are my dad. I want to be straight forward than run it as a secret " I said.

" Well, Ok. I don't want to know anymore. I will just think that I am leaving my wife with my son alone "

" Thanks dad " I said. After a while we went back in.

Dad said to mom he is going to aunty's and went away with the girl. Mom said nothing until then. After he left she cried.

" He was well and good until that girl came " she said.

I kept quiet.

" He was even saying he will have sex with me " she said.

" I told him to go mom " I confessed.

"You ? Why? Didn't I give you what you wanted ? " She asked.

" Dad has only this week to sleep with aunty mom and I need to spend some time with you too "

" But why would it change if your dad is with me ? "

" Then you will sleep with him "

" He is my husband Anand. He owns me and I have been sleeping with him for 20 years now " Mom screamed.

" That’s why I told him to go to where he likes "

" You told my husband to go away to sleep with his wife and he accepted ? "

" Otherwise he wouldn't have gone mom "

" No I don't believe you " She said.

" Face it mom. Dad doesn't like to sleep with you. He patched things with you because he was mean to you in the morning. Then he left " " I said.

" But he was promising me to be with me tonight " she said.

" Now you know the power of your son mom. It was me who told him to go and he went "

" No husband will leave his wife for somebody to enjoy " mom said.

" Yours did "

Mom kept quiet.

" Mom. It’s not worth rolling back to dad. I know you had a long relationship but the cracks are widening now. You have to move on to newer things. If you keep going back, you are bound to get hurt "

" See the future mom and the future is in front of you. We might be mother and son but we are destined. Dad's era in this house is over and my era has begun. But you will not change.”

You are the woman of this house and you will be the woman of this house. You are my mother but I am giving you more responsibilities. You have kept dad and his bed warm. Now I have taken dad's place so you will keep me and my bed warm "

Mom looked at me seriously and said " How can you say words like that to your mother ? "

" I am telling you the reality mother . When you are pissed off with dad, you come and sleep with me and give me 'dessert' treats. But when he comes and says some sweet things, you tread behind him and we become a taboo again "

" He is my husband Anand. What can I do ? "

" That’s why he is using you mother and you are not realizing it "
I said.

" May be But I am his wife " She said

I shook my head vigoursly " No matter what, you will keep saying the same thing "

I paused and said going towards her " If he is such a great husband for you then ask him to come and rescue you. I went and pulled off her pallu from her chest. “

Mom stood there motionless while I gawked at her blouse covered breasts. Then I said looking at her " He will not come mother because I told him to do so. Because he is busy fucking your lovely sister.
Face it mom ! I am the only one for you. I am the one who will protect you and I am the one who will pillage you. Dad is just your husband for the world "

I paused for a while and said " I tried to make you understand. I tried to make you feel comfortable and be happy with me But you are more used to be forced and be told and that’s what I will do "

I then took off my sarong and said at her showing my erect cock
"See this mom. This is aching for you for long time now. Now come, kneel before me and suck your son "

Mom was shocked hearing it. But I was adamant and yelled at her
" COME ! NOW ! "

Mom came quickly and knelt before me. I then took my dick and shoved it into her mouth saying " I wanted you to be my lover mother But I will make you my concubine. Now Suck "

Mom slowly started sucking my dick. The feeling was great. I never thought I will get my mother to suck for me. All that happened as I wanted to humiliate her. But I enjoyed every bit of it. I was so excited, I started fucking her mouth until I cummed in it. “

Once I finished, I went to the bathroom for a piss. Mom joined me and cleaned her mouth.

Once we got back from bathroom, she went to her bedroom. I knocked on the door and opened it as she was removing her saree and said " You will sleep with me " I paused and said " Naked ! Remove your clothes here and come to my room naked "

I then went the lounge picked my sarong and went to my room.

Few minutes later mom came to my room naked. She then closed the room door and got into the bed covering herself with a blanket. I switched off the light and lay straight on the top of her by lifting the blanket. I then spread her legs and fucked her. I deposited my cum and went to sleep beside her. Mom got up and went to bathroom and came back to sleep.

The next day morning I was woken up when dad came home and mom was shocked seeing him and quickly covered up. " It’s ok " dad said as he saw his wife naked again on his son's bed and went to his bedroom.

Mom tried to getup but soon realized her dress is in her bedroom.

" Want some breakfast ? " she asked dad from the bed itself. He said yes. So mom got up and went to her room pulling off the blanket from me and wrapping around her. I smiled at her situation.

When I got up and finished my pissing, shitting and brushing, dad finished his breakfast. They both were very silent. I wanted to humiliate mother further and make her realize I am the boss. So I called on mom to join me saying to dad " You have to excuse me dad. I want my breakfast on my bed "

Mom looked at dad suspiciously.

“ It’s ok. I am finished and will be leaving soon anyway " dad said. "

While dad watched, I called mom to join me again.

" Won't you say anything while he is asking your wife to go to his bedroom ? " mom jeered at dad.

" Why would I stop a slut when she shamelessly displays herself naked on his bed ? " dad replied.

" So It’s all my fault. You and your son has nothing to do with it " she said.

" Even if he approaches, where was your shame ? " he asked.

" Where was my shame ? Brutally raped that’s where. You were supposed to protect me. Where were you when your son forcefully disrobed me and raped me ? You were enjoying with your own slut.”

“ My shame was gone when my husband didn’t come to protect me.
My own son disrobed me and challenged me to get you to save me But you were busy in somebody else's bed " Mom kept crying.

Dad looked at me seriously. I kept quiet.

" You do all and blame me for it. You fuck around with that bitch and doesn't take care for your own wife ? "

" That bitch is taking care of me better than you have all your life " Dad said furiously.

" Then go and live with her you bastard " mom spilled out.

" I already am. It’s much better than coming to this hell hole anyway."

Mom was shocked.

Dad continued " You know what ? You deserve everything Anand is giving you. I would encourage him and even when he rapes you in front of me I will not help you! " he said going to the sync to wash his hands. That was what I wanted to hear !

Before mom could say anything I went and grabbed mom from back and lifted her up saying to dad " That’s what I wanted to hear dad " and took her to her bedroom.

Mom screamed to leave her and asked dad to interfere but I carried her into the bedroom and closed the doors. Mom didnt protest while inside and she herself lifted her petticoat to give access to her cunt. I then fucked her.

Twenty minutes later, I opened the doors and came out. Dad was still in the house. I did not expect him to be at home but felt great I fucking his wife while he was still at home.

Before Dad left, he made a point to her that she is a slut and she deserves what she is getting. We both then dressed and went to work.

I guess I felt a bit bad for treating mom like that, But I guessed we have all been using each other to gain something. I have been using dad to get mom. Mom has been using me to get her husband back and dad has been using us to escape to his lover.

Mom looked happy and well when I went home that afternoon for lunch. Without my initiation, after our lunch, she told me to sleep a bit and closed all the doors and windows. She then went to her bedroom as I followed her. We had sex and then slept for a while before I went back to the farm.

Dad came home for dinner that evening but soon vanished. Mom was dejected a bit but changed her expression on her face when she saw me. I went to her, hugged her and we both walked to her bedroom. Half an hour later as usual, mom went out naked for a piss after our sex.
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