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An affair-2

As I came back I saw mom in the final stages of draping her saree. She also set everything to normal. I avoided looking at her face and went into my room. I was in mixed emotions. I felt great I fulfilled my desire and fucked my mother but at the same time I also felt sorry for her.

I knew it would have been much better if she agreed to get fucked. But it is impossible for Indian mothers to freely offer their bodies to their sons. They should be forced and that’s what I did.

I dozed off in my room and an hour later I came out to find mom in the kitchen. We both looked at each other in silence. A while later mom asked " Do you want some tea ?"

I said yes to her and went to bathroom to have a shower. When I came back mom gave me the tea. While I drank the tea mom said " I know what you did before is unthinkable and degrading but please don’t mention it to anyone "

" NO mom !" I said. " Why would I do that ?"

" I don't know ! You do things for no reason sometimes ! "

" No I wouldn't mom ! "

There was silence for a while. A little later mom asked " What was that you were saying about dad before ?"

" What did I say ? I said nothing." I said.

" You were saying about dad not being faithful. "

" No I said he might. I didnt say for sure."

" No you sounded for sure. Tell me Anand! "

" No mom ! There nothing ! "

" Come on Anand ! I need to know ! Please !"

" No ! It won't make any good ! "

" It will Anand . If you tell me the truth, I will get the reason for you raping me "

I felt bad hearing it.

" Now tell me the truth Anand " mom asked.

I kept silent for a while and then said " I saw dad and aunty vimala in our shed the other day !"

Mom kept quiet for a while. She then said "Are you sure ? They might be just talking "

" No, mom they were in each other arms ! " I said.

" Did they see you ? "

" Yes they did "

" What did they say ? "

" The same ! Tried to escape ! "

" I still can't believe you Anand . I want details "

" I told you what I saw mom. I might charge you for details " I joked.

" You had your mother's bodyWhat more do you want ?"

" More of it ? "

Mom was shocked. She then said " You like your mother's body don't you ?

Okay, if you prove your dad is fucking your aunt then I myself will take off my clothes and sleep with you!"

" Sure ? Promise ? " I asked her.

" Your mother never went back on her words Anand ! I will do it !"

" Then dress up and come !"

" What ? Why this soon ? "

" Yes right now ! We could be lucky ! "

" I am dressed we can go if you want ! Just few minutes until I finish this curry ! "

" Okay " I said and went into my room to put on a shirt.

Mom is ready in few minutes and then we went to our farm. We took the short cut which not many people take and we avoided people in case they might warn dad.

Few minutes later we reached the shed. I told mom to hide behind a bush and slowly went and checked through a slit in the windows. I could not see anything. Frantically, I opened the window a bit and still could see anything. I could not see dad at all . I was dejected and mom cursed me for wasting her time.

That day passed by without more events and we all three tried our best to look nothing was going on. I was determined to show mom that dad is fucking aunty.

The next morning, an hour after dad left to the farm, I took mom to the shed. We looked through the same window again. We could not see first but then towards bottom right I saw them. They were kissing but dad was on the top of her. I quickly asked mom to join me.

As I took back step to let her see, I knew my plan worked well. As she watched her husband fucking her sister, I watched my mother's plump motherly body with every wrong thought I could think off.
A little later she could not see anymore and went back home quickly. I followed her home.

She went home cursing her husband but I followed her like a dog after a bitch. I closed the door as we went in as mom screamed
" I will kill that bastard and that bitch "

" After you satisfy me mom " I thought as I saw her going to the kitchen.

She kept cursing them for a while and then cooled down.

As soon as I got an opportunity I said " Then you will keep your word ? "

Mom looked at me and came to me and threw her loose end of her saree on the floor. As I looked at her blouse covered breasts along with her sutras, mom said " I will keep my word Anand and started disrobing her saree. ”

She took off her saree and threw it on the sofa "Come Anand ! This body is for you ! Fuck me and fulfill your lust ! You and your dad are alike ! No relations and no taboos ! You want cunt and don't care who’s cunt it is ! "

As horny I was, I felt some ego in me. I went to the sofa and pick up the saree and threw it on her saying
" I raped you once and I can do it now too mom But I want you to come to me by yourselves and offer yourselves to me. Until then I will not touch you "

I paused and took some steps away from her towards my bedroom. I then turned back and said " I don't know about dad but I care who’s cunt it is for me to fuck . I want your cunt mom only and not just every other cunt . You might think it’s un-natural but I love you "

I walked into my room and locked it. I quickly went to bed and wanked myself. I was proud of the way I controlled myself even though she stood before me with her blouse and petticoat and my dick was aching to fuck her. I knew she would be humiliated of my gesture and would give me more control over her.

That evening mom and dad argued when dad returned home. Dad was not happy I spilled the beans but took control and told her to accept the fact or bugger off. Mom cried but kept quiet later.

I was determined to use dad to get mom to sleep with me. We knew aunty's hubby is going away on farm work for few days. So I encouraged dad to go and sleep with her in the nights.

On the first night uncle left, dad went to join aunty about 9 pm. Mom and me slept on our beds that night.

Next day mom made a big deal but dad ignored her. Mom kept crying the whole day. That evening dad didnt even come for dinner. Mom cooked his favorites dish but no avail. So she gave me some to take it to auntie's house. I went and gave the dish and came back soon after as they felt nervous to talk to me.

I came home and we both ate dinner. Mom asked what did dad said. I told her he is not coming home that night too. We finished our dinner and went to bed.

I was around 9pm. I was reading a book and mom knocked on the door. I told her to come in. She came in asking what I was doing and I told her I was reading.

She then came and sat on the side of the bed and twisted herself to look at me leaning on her right arm. I had a nice look at her naked midriff with her flesh glistening and kept looking as she said
" I could not sleep so ".

She then said " It doesn't feel it was long ago when you were just a baby and born out of me. I felt great and was obsessed by you. I fed you from my breasts and you looked always cute when you dozed off feeding. “

Since then you were always with me. I never thought we will be separated anytime. We played and enjoyed each other’s company. You slept with me until you were nine years old. Ever since you got your room, I have learned to let my boy go.

She paused and said " Things were great then Anand. We were a great family and enjoying everything. Now nine years on, things have changed completely. “

You have grownup and showed me that in a way no mother would experience. And then your dad has decided your mother's sister is tastier than your mother ! Now I am all alone Anand ! "

I felt a bit sad.

She continued " Even though you and me slept together so many times since you were born, I realized things have changed between us and when you said I should offer myself to sleep with you, I realized there is a new meaning to 'us' sleeping together. “

Previously you were never interested whether I am robed or disrobed when we slept together. But now you are interested in my body underneath my saree.

I know your mother is not just a mother to you anymore but also a woman ! A woman of your desire And you are not just my son but also a man. A man with control ! A man who can rape his mother. Just like your dad, you showed me it is your will to do anything. "

I became a good listener and let her talk.

" I don't know what to do Anand ! Both the men I love have betrayed me ! "

" I didn't betray you mother! " I interrupted her. " I love you and whatever I did, I did to take my love to new heights "

" No son includes lust in his love for his mother Anand ! " mom said.

" I do mother And you should understand that ! " I said.

" But it’s wrong ! It is wrong because I am your mother and also I am also somebody's wife !"

" And what a great husband you have !" I answered her. " You are sitting here talking morals and you probably right now he is fucking your sister ! "

" That’s none of your business ! He is still my husband ! "

" Then you go and talk to him ! Why are you ruining my time? " I said getting back into my book.

Mom came back to this world. She started crying saying " My husband left me and you are saying I should leave you alone ! What can I do ? I am his wife Anand ! "

" I will tell you one thing mother if you want a solution ! " I said assertively.

Mom kept sobbing and said " What ? "

" To hell with him ! You should just leave him and lead your own life ! "

" Easy for you to say ! What will I do if I leave him ? "

" I am with you ! " I said.

" You mean you will make me your concubine "

I was shocked. " I was going to tell as my mother but. "

" Mother or concubine ! They are same to you ! " she was vehement.

I kept quiet.

" If you were my good son, I would have done that ! "

" Then what will you do once I get married mother ? " I asked her.
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