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Young Beauty

Hello readers, Arshi is again here with a new story. A lot of you must be knowing me by now. My net friends are proving very hot and I am enjoying their friendship. Now back to my story. After my matric result I joined a co-education college of Karachi and found my self in a new world. A lot of beautiful fairies were always seen roaming here and there, every boy was trying himself to get one and occupy a corner of a room or library or canteen. I was also trying the same.
One day, chemistry period was at the end of the day and prior to that were two periods for NCC training which I usually spent freely. At the start of chemistry period when we reached to join the class there was no one except one girl, Seema. I entered the room and felt a smile on her face. I too smiled and got a nearby seat.
After a while the lecturer arrived but on seeing that only two of us are there, praised us for our punctuality, noted our names as ‘good students’ and left. We were now free so started chatting on general topics. After sometime I offered that why not sit in the canteen and have some cold drink. She agreed and we went there, got pepsi and sat in a nearby lawn. While talking unknowingly our topic turned to friendship and then sex and I came to know that she seems to have some knowledge in this field.
Let me describe her, for your interest. She lived in a posh area of Karachi. At that time she was about 18, slim body, very narrow waist of about 20” but comparatively heavy breasts and ass, so her figure was about 32-20-32, a perfect hourglass figure, which I made heavier after regular fucking. She had thick dark brown hair cascaded little below her shoulders. Her beautiful face was formed of wide eyes, pinkish white colour, small but sexy lips and a thin nose. Overall she was a beautiful modern girl with a very sexy body. A lot of boys were after her but I was lucky to gain her friendship.
As we finished the cold drinks, we got up and walked out of the college. I asked her as where is her home and how would she go. She told me that she lives in Gulshan-e-Iqbal and can go by having a wagon. As I was to go F.B. Area, so we had to catch different wagons. Before parting she suggested that why not both of us start studying together during our free time, by this we can help each other as both of us have same subjects. I very happily agreed to this and said that kal se hi shuru karte hain. She said Ok and we parted.
According to our timetable, we had daily two periods for NCC and two for Laboratory work. I didn’t join the NCC therefore, these periods were free for me during whole week. So far as the laboratory periods were concerned, we have to attend only two days during a week, one for Physics and one for Chemistry and fortunately both of us were meant to attend it on the same days. So we had a lot of time to sit together and study. We continued this practice for about a week when one day she said, kyun na hum ghar pe aram se beth ke parha karen. I was astonished and said, mera ghar to door hai roz chalo gi. She told me that her house is not far from here and we can reach there daily just in 10 minutes, so why not there from tomorrow? OK, I agreed.
And next day during our free periods we went to her home and I was astonished to see that no one was at home and we were alone. I asked where are other family members, she told that her parents both go to their job, her brother is abroad and she is often alone during the day time. So she served me cold drink and we started to work. Two days passed in this routine and the third day was not that normal for me! It was a hot day and as we reached her house she headed to bathroom to have a wash telling me to wait and we shall start study after her return.
I was waiting for her when suddenly I saw something surprising. Bathroom door opened and she came out in the natural dress……. Oh yes………. Totally nude. In fact she forgot that I was sitting there. She took a few steps towards the almirah then suddenly realizing my presence, screamed and returned back, but alas, she hit her foot with the corner of a table and fell down flat on the carpet. I got up at once and rushed towards her to help. I picked her from the floor, took her towards the bed and laid there. When she had recovered from shock she tried to cover her body with the arms but it was insufficient. I said, its OK now. Tell me are you all right. She nodded yes and now she was blushing red with shame. Now she tried to get up to wear something but I made her lie there and I also lay beside her (you can guess, with a mischief in my mind). You must have understood that I had now been hot by now and developed some intentions in my mind. I started rubbing my hands gently on her body and asked her koi chot to nahin lagi, tum theek to ho? she replied that she is ok. I then said, muje to pata hi nahin tha ke tum itni zyada khoobsoorat ho. Acha hua aaj dekhne ka moqa mil gya. On listening this she smiled and became beautifully pink all over due to blushing as praise of beauty is weakness of females.
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Now let me describe her while being in the natural dress. Her body was slim, white with little pink shade and seem hot on touching. And now the boobs, ohhhhhhhhhhh……. While she was laying straight on the bed with her chest upwards, her boobs were standing firmly with no sagging at all, nipples pointing to the sky, I was feeling that two cherries are kept on two oranges. Her waist……. It was the narrowest waist I had ever seen. Her belly was firm and her belly button was looking like a spare nipple provided to her by nature. And under the waist were the most beautiful hips of the world with enough flesh on her gaand. Though having thick hair on her head, her pubic hair were very thin with golden shade which enhanced the beauty of her cunt. Like a small mouth on her face, her cunt also seemed to be very small. It was fascinating. Thighs were a bit heavy and white.
She again tried to get up but I said kya karo gi uth kar, yahin leti raho, bara sukoon mil raha hai. She shouted kya, yahin nangi leti rahoon. I kept wandering my hands on her boobs and said ab mujh se kya chupao gi, main ne sab dekh lya hai. Ab leti raho. By that time my hands had made her hot so after some hesitation, she started to respond. Her hands also came on my chest and started wandering but I was in my clothes. But my hands were visiting every area and corner of her body by now which made her so horny that when I asked her main bhi apna badan dikhaoon, she was unable to refuse and noded yes. I at once got up, freed my body from all the clothes within seconds and resumed my position beside her, and her hands were wandering on my naked chest. Now my hands were pressing her naked boobs and playing with the nipples which just made her too hot and ready for any thing. So now my hands started travelling lower and passing through her belly reached the cunt, she tried to remove my hand from there but when my finger started playing with her clit her resistance ceased. Now my finger went lower and I started fingering her cunt which started getting wet by now. I kept fingering and she started sucking my lips by now. I then took her hand and led it to my cock which she eagerly held and started masturbating me. This made both of us more horny and then I got up and get laid on her body keeping my lund on her choot making her more horny. Then I lifted my body from hers a little and with my hand guided my tool in her wet choot and started pressing. Sexy sounds started coming from her and she seemed to enjoy my penetration. Then I lifted myself a little more and pressed my hips downwards entering my lund in her choot with force which, in a single jerk, tore her making her scream loudly, but thank God, no one else was at home.
I stayed still for a few moments and during that time I kept massaging and sucking her nipples which relaxed her and she started to enjoy now which I guessed by the movements of her hips. I then started in and out movements and believe me, her choot was so tight that it was giving me real pleasure that I got in rare girls. I kept it up and suddenly her body movements seemed to be out of control, I sped up my ins and outs and just then both us came and it seemed that both have come in litres. And then both relaxed and I fell on her body and became still. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh it was marvelous. I had little experience in female fucking till then but this was the best.
After few minutes we got up and went to bathroom, washed each other, then came out and dressed. Now we decided to start out studies but she felt a bit upset. I asked her the reason and tears started from her eyes. I immediately took her in my arms and asked again kya hua. She burst weeping and saying yeh kya ho gya hum se. main to barbad ho jaoon gi. Ohhhhhhhhhh that’s the problem. I consoled her and said that’s no problem. Many girls are doing it for enjoyment and nothing happens. If something happens, we will handle it properly and nothing to worry about. After a lot of assurance from me, she relaxed and then stopped weeping. No studies that day and all the time was spent in love but it was an excellent day for me to have such a beauty all mine.
Next day we spent our time in studies as I didn’t want to make her think that I am just after her body. But on the third day, I felt that she is feeling sexy but not making a move due to shyness. So I kept my hand on her white hand and just then she got herself glued to my chest and my arms were clenching her body. Nothing more was required and I just got to work.
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