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First Is The Sweetest

This is my experience of my 18-19 year, I was the lone child of a rich family. I was studying in my 12th class. I was a lean fair tall boy then. A relative of our family who was a teacher of our school came to stay in our house as a guest. She was given the guest house ( there was that facility). After the first day she has felt lonely and has asked for a company of a servant . My mom has asked me to sleep in her room with a condition that she will see that I am studying till at least 10 PM,and gets up to study by 5 AM.

she has agreed to see that. .The Didi was 24 or 25 and was very fair and tall. I have never seen a lady like that till then. In our school she was treated as a film star. I was very happy to stay in her room.The room itself has a sweet smell, like that of her. The incident has taken place about 15 years ago. Now i am a soft ware man working as a team leader of a IT company The work was normal till about 3 months. Then I have started sleeping or dozing by nine. Similarly only alarm used to get up by five. She used to get angry with me and make me to follow the timetable. Since i was a good student these never has affected my grade. . She was sleeping on the coat and i was on the floor on a bed. Till then I was nor having any idea of sex, but for some erections. One day I have not got sleep in time .I was simply lying on the bed covering whole body by the shall.

It was a October -November cold. She was valuing some papers. Suddenly I saw her feet just neat my face. She was sitting on the coat and was using a teapoy. She had a red chappel with off white straps and with a hole for her thumb. .It was a nice scene with a golden feet in red and white foot ware. Since nothing to do I have concentrated on that. Often she used to take one feet out and keep it over the other chappel ,and just shake it. Then the same will be doing with other. Finally she took out both and kept them on them black marble floor. .That has somehow attracted me. Her fingers were long and well maintained with a coat of light pink polish. It was a special color,that was new to me.

I also saw the pink heels and soles. I liked to lick them. With much difficulty I have taken my face to it. it was also smelling sweet. accidentally she has extended her feet and it has touched on my lip and nose. I. She has immediately withdrew them. I have posed as if sleeping. From that day I have continued to watch her feet dance. .Even after walking from school her feet used to stay clean and nice. Her fingers had very nice brown hairs on fingers and on feet. It is visible only when looked near. There was no cracks or color differences as on other ladies of my house or of the lady teachers.I have never spoil the chances for touching her feet, or foot wares. When she is in sleep I used to take her footwear from the floor and Keep in my bed and use it as a pillow to keep my cheeks..Soon I have started to lick them.

Due to these exercise I used to sleep late and so the getting up also was delayed . Soon she has marked this and asked me . I have told the truth that they are very beautiful, as her feet. Also told that no one had such feet in school . I have also astonished to know how she is maintaining them while walking.. After that she has never asked that again. I have also used to keep my face touching her feet. Then after a month one day she has asked me whether I am liking to eat her feet as a dog. I told her 'yes'. then has started the real foot slavery.She has made it a point to keep her feet on my pillow or on my face or lean chest. I used to suck her fingers and lick heels ans soles.

She told me that she likes boys to lick her feet. Some days she used to kick me in a play mood and crush me mockingly. Even when it was bit uncomfortable I never has shown that to her. One day she has told me to remove the polish with the cleaner and re polish with another colour. She has kept her feet on my thigh till the work was over. .After that I have licked the feet and washed them. Soon It was my duty to massage them with foot cream.. Even then I was the best in my school. I know that if marks are low mom may take me out of this place.. One day she has asked me to do the same on her legs .I was allowed till her knee for some days and then for the whole body except the bra and pants areas. .I was bit nervous for the first week . but later I have enjoyed it. I also found mt erection during those times. .

Then after the exams one day I was forced to introduce my dick in her. I did not know the use bit still i did it. It was nor very hard .but I have felt a happiness when it has entered in her vagina. It took 10 to 15 time to really enter inside and to get strong size. .From then We used to do the fucking regularly. I used to get some enjoyment but used to cum just watery juices. The work has stopped suddenly since another lady ,who was also a known and relative to my mom, has came to stay with her. Then in 10th class we had plays only when she is alone., hardly for 3 or 4 time. But by then I used to have a strong dick and she used to cry and shout due to enjoyment.

After metric exam one day both mom and bap u has gone for a marriage in Delhi for a week. I was alone at home. One day she has called me to have a fuck.But then I found that the other lady was with her. I was to return ,but she has forcefully kept me there. She has locked the door and told me that how i am feeling about the other lady. She was good but in front of her she was nothing. I told so. They have started laughing. She made me to sit on the floor and asked to massage her feet. I was not interested to do so ,but later started enjoying them. She has crushed me and told that I HAVE GROWN AS A MAN and she kikes to crush men under her feet . She crushed me too much and then I felt that the feet is different. I have tried to look but was not allowed due to pressure in my face. Later I found that it was the other lady.

By then she has removed her clothes and came to ny bed. I was forced to do all. She was good but not like Didi. I was tiered a bit but Didi has asked me to come to her and made me to massage her and then fuck. .Later when I have taking rest in my bed, both were sitting on the coat and was keeping their feet on my bare back. The new lady was telling that it is a nice foot slave. We can use for 2 more years. .She want me to come daily when she returns from her bank .and I have to polish her shoe and feet by licking. She has kept her feet on my neck as if to kill me. I felt very bad .I also felt that I am a tool or machine. They have no love for me. That was the last time we had sex.

I have never went to her,even after many a call. I have avoided and mom also felt some thing in my refusal. soon they were asked to leave for some reason. Of course we both have enjoyed a lot. It was the arrival of a new lady made all problems. That too with out telling me,i was offered to her. I have seen Didi after 8 years when she has attended my marriage. She has come two days ahead and I found her as a different lady. Her feet was with a crack and skin on feet was with sun tanned marks. ,and above all plumb.

I did not even liked to talk with her. except for formality. I have told her to see my girl to evaluate her stranded now. Of course my girl was very beautiful than her ,with even better legs and feet. .Any way she did not feel for that comment. She has also told sorry for forcing me to the other lady. any way that was my first fuck and it was she made me to enjoy feet legs and best body.
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