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Yashodhara's Descent Part 12

"Eric fucked my already cum-filled pussy for a while. And then he asked me to get on top of him. So I got up and he laid down on the couch. And I sat on him, taking his dick inside me. I started riding him and he started thrusting his dick upwards, touching me in places I love the most. Meanwhile Ramon was about to put his dick in my mouth again, when Eric said - Ramon, fuck her in the ass, dude. I did it yesterday and it feels great."

"What??" I cried out in surprise.

"Oh yeah, sorry I forgot to mention that when it was just me and Eric at his place, he fucked me in the ass a couple of times. I did not love it much to be honest, but I was with the collar, so had to do what he told me. But his fucking my ass had loosened it up a bit. So Ramon's big dick was able to enter it. Not too easily. It took him a couple of minutes of pushing and using the cum oozing from my cunt for lubrication to get it in. But once he did, he was able to fuck me there quite easily."

"Damn!" I said. "Double penetration!"

"Hehe, yeah, my first ever double penetration. And although I don't like ass-fucking by itself, combined with cunt-fucking, it actually felt good. I could feel the two cocks brushing against each other on my insides. It also made me feel so much more of a slut than I already was - getting fucked by two well-hung guys in the cunt and the ass. I started having my second orgasm soon. This time, Ramon, loving the sight of my orgasming body and because of the friction of my asshole, started pumping his seed into me faster than usual. And soon, he filled my asshole with his cum."

"Eric then made me turn around and get back on my hands and knees. He wanted to cum inside my asshole too. His dick entered very easily because of Ramon's recent fucking. Once he got it all the way in, he fucked me in the ass very hard, grabbing me by the waist, for a good five minutes or so before he eventually emptied his load inside me. And I just stayed like that for a while, my ass up in the air, oozing with cum."

"Wow!" I said, masturbating myself. "That was quite a fantastic last fuck with them."

"Well....." Yashodhara said and giggled.

"What?" I asked. "You changed your mind and are planning to keep this going now"

"Oh, no no no. No way! I am sick of their childishness. but what I just described was not the last fuck. There were more. Quite a few more." she said.

"How many more?" I asked.

"Hmm...how do I count? Does three guys fucking me at the same time count as one fuck or three?" she said.

"Yashodhara!" I said really turned on. "You are unbelievably hot. I can't wait to get home and fuck you."

"Me neither, honey." she said. "But by the way, our couch cushions are all messed up because of the cum. We'll have to throw them out."

"What else will we have to throw out?" I asked.

"Oh, nothing else. You know I was never comfortable with the idea of fucking other men in our house. That one time just happened because I got carried away. Once they were done fucking me, we sat naked and talked a little. I made them coffee. And then Carlos started getting hard again and tried to make me bend over the dining room table, when I said, I am okay with fucking you guys for today. But not in this house any more."

"So where did you go?" I asked.

"We all went to Eric's place. Soon after we reached, Eric put the collar on me, for, like he said, the last time ever. This time though, he ordered me not to wear the teddy. Just the boots. So that's all I had on until an hour or so ago when we disbanded for the night and I drove home." she said.

"So what all did you do there?"

"Well, it was quite eventful. Anal, oral, vaginal sex. Double, triple penetration. Tying me up and hanging me in the air. Spanking me, paddling me, slapping me. It was all quite wonderful." she said.

"What's with the short summary? Tell me in detail." I demanded.

"Honey, I am really sleepy and tired right now. I have been pounded in all my holes by those guys, and slapped around all evening and then most of all night. I need to go to bed. In fact I am not even going for classes today. But tell you what, I did do something for you. Took a lot of pictures and clips with my phone. Or rather told the others to take them. I am going to forward them all to you and then go to bed."

I felt a bit deprived, not getting to hear the whole account in great detail. But I could understand how exhausted she must have been. So I did not press her.

"Alright honey. Send them to me and go to bed. I'll see you later today." I said.

"This is why I love you so much. Bye Ajit, come back soon." and she hung up.

Then the messages started arriving. Bings after bings after bings. I decided to shower until she sent all of them. And when I came out of the shower, the phone was full of new stuff for me to see.

First there were some pictures. My wife, wearing just the red boots and the red collar, handcuffed to the bed as Carlos fucked her. Then Eric and Ramon. Then two of them paddling her red ass. Her feet and arms bound behind her as she laid on the bed with Carlos fucking her mouth. The next pic had Eric and Carlos both putting their dicks in her mouth. Her mouth looked very sexy, completely stretched.

Then an extremely erotic clip. Eric must have been shooting the clip which opened with a close up of my wife's face. It wore an expression I had never seen before. Her eyes were tightly shut, her mouth was open and dripping a big of saliva, and it looked like she was feeling pain as well as pleasure at the same time. The camera zoomed out to show what was happening. She was on top of Ramon, who was fucking her cunt. And behind her, Carlos was brutally fucking her in the ass at the same time. Hearing about a double penetration is one thing, and actually seeing her getting one was completely another. She looked so absolutely slutty and trashy..... I loved it.

In the next clip, she was suspended in the air with the rope tied to a harness around her waist. She was completely upside down, her hair falling all over her face. Ramon was straddling her suspended body, one leg to her front and one leg behind her, drilling his cock downwards in her cunt. The camera then moved lower to show that Eric was lying on the bed with his dick erect and in her mouth. Every time Ramon thrust downwards into her cunt, he pushed her whole body, which made her take Eric's cock all the way in.

One clip started a few seconds after she had just started having her orgasm, each hand tied to the respective leg in front of her as she was on her knees. Eric was the only one pummeling her cunt and she was shuddering and yelling as the orgasm swept over her.

"I love it when she cums." Ramon's voice said just as the clip ended.

There were a few pics of triple penetration, taken by Carlos who was the guy standing up and getting the blowjob, as the other two guys rammed the other two holes. A pic of all three shooting their loads in her mouth which she had wide open, squatting on the ground. And a couple of clips of double penetration when she was facing upwards.

The visual aids ended, and I masturbated once more, and got ready to go to the airport. I was counting down the minutes until I got home and fucked my wife's well-stretched asshole myself.


Epilogue: Yashodhara more or less stuck to her "break-up" with the three guys. I say "more or less" because one day when I was out of town, her car broke down and she needed a ride to classes. She called Ramon who gladly helped her out, and at the end of the day, when he suggested they go to his place, she agreed, mainly to thank him for his help. Ramon and Juanita broke up. Juanita is now single, although she still spends an odd weekend here or there being Eric's slave. Carlos fell in love with an Indian girl who works with him. We bumped into them once, and her resemblance to Yashodhara was uncanny. I guess of all the three guys, Carlos was the one who had gotten the most emotionally involved with my wife.

As for my wife's sexual adventures, they did not stop with the break-up. There were other guys. Guys she meets at bars, book stores, libraries. Guys who work at the counters in supermarkets. And on the odd occasion, homeless guys, but that's a different story. The guys are always older than her though. The drama of fucking guys so much younger than her put her off that age group forever. In fact, she has recently started developing a taste for really old men. Her latest "Master" is 67-year-old retired Principal of the local high school, who makes her wear the skimpiest catholic school girl uniform you will ever see. Initially, we tried the BDSM thing with me being her Master, but the erotic dynamic of an unrelated man bossing you around is difficult to achieve between husband and wife.

As for me, I enjoy my wife being a slut. But I have also started getting to fuck other sluts myself. The first one was Kristen with whom Yashodhara arranged a threesome for me as a birthday gift. Then there was an Arab neighbor of ours whom I seduced and fucked when her husband was out of town. One time I fucked my boss' wife in the bathroom at an office party when he passed out drunk. Her bending over the toilet, just like Eric first fucked Yashodhara. And after that, I have been able to detect in my surroundings, as if by radar, sluts whom I can bed with very little effort. Sluts who can never be satisfied by just one cock, and who have to fuck as many men as they can.

I guess such a radar is to be expected when my life partner herself is one such slut.
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