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Yashodhara's Descent Part 10

"You're welcome, slave." Eric said. "Jojo's turn now."

He had still been holding their legs high up. he lowered them slightly so that Yashodhara's ass was now touching the bed. He then started pounding Jojo's cunt. It did not take long for him to make her climax either, and as she did, she raised her body off the bed a couple of times, pulling Yashodhara up with her, and then fell back again. The impact of those falls must have knocked the wind out of Yashodhara for sure. As Jojo got done with the orgasm, but ladies lay there on top of each other, moaning and whimpering, their limbs moving slowly in every direction. There was no way to know which of them was moving the hand.

Eric then rolled them over on their fronts, or rather on Jojo's front, and Yashodhara exhaled loudly and said,

"Ahhhh....that's a relief!" as she was not the one bearing the weight now. Jojo however barely seemed to notice Yashodhara's weight.

Eric grabbed them by their arms and pulled their bodies towards the edge of the bed until their heads were suspended in the air He then stood on the floor and started fucking their mouths one by one. This mouth fucking did not last too long though. Eric was close to cumming too, and as soon as he realized he was about to, he took it out and held it straight. The first spurt of cum hit Yashodhara's nope and eyes. he then moved his cock lower and it hit Jojo in the face. Eric came shaking his dick up and down and his copious cum covered both their faces.

After Eric got done, the two of them started rolling their tongues on the outside of their mouth trying to lick as much of the cum as possible. Eric examined his work proudly for a few seconds. And he had a lot to be proud of. These were two beautiful and sexy ladies whom most guys would lose a limb to just make out with. And here he had them, dressed like slutty slaves, tied to each other, with their faces covered in his cum. Why wouldn't it boost his ego? After admiring the sight for a while more, Eric bent down and started untying them. The scene finally ended.

The next scene seemed a bit tame. Both the ladies had been untied and were lying on the bed catching their breath. The camera showed them just lying there like that for a couple of minutes. Then Eric walked in with a small pile of clothes that he kept on a table. He went to Jojo, unbuttoned her collar. Then he unbuttoned Yashodhara's collar. He said,

"You two must be tired. I've kept your clothes there on the table. And there's two bathrooms in the house with showers if you wanna clean up first. There's towels in both of them. I am gonna go get us some coffee and bagels."

Eric walked out and the scene ended and I wondered what the point of it was. Maybe signifying that he had taken off their collars so for now they were no longer his bitches or slaves, but their usual selves.

When the last scene started, it seemed a little different than the others. It was not shot from the other cameras but seemed to be from a webcam. It focused on an empty chair for a few seconds. Then Eric, fully dressed, came and sat down on it. He looked at it and said,

"Ramon, what I am gonna show you next will answer that one question that must have troubled you while watching everything else. I wasn't around when it happened. Had gone to get coffee for the ladies. I only saw it right now while checking and editing the tapes. So I am shooting this intro from me to add to it. This will teach you to never ever screw with me again. Now watch the scene and prepare for the consequences."

Eric disappeared and the scene shifted to his bedroom again. Jojo walked in naked, drying her wet hair with a towel. She stood next to her clothes on the table and kept drying her hair. In a while, Yashodhara walked in, also naked, with a towel wrapped around her head as is her norm after showering. The two ladies looked so different, all scrubbed and cleaned with no make-up or lip stick. And as hot as their had looked in those contrasting teddies and boots, I found their naked bodies even more arousing.

Yashodhara approached the table and stopped for second, staring at Jojo. Jojo saw her staring, smiled and asked,

"What you looking at, Yoyo?"

"Hehe, sorry." Yashodhara said blushing. "It's just that.... this is the first I have seen you completely naked...and you have such an amazing body."

"Thanks, girl" Jojo said, and spanking Yashodhara on the ass said, "You have a fantastic body yourself. And damn, you are a slut! For your first night in such a thing, you kept pace with me throughout. And it's taken me a while to build up this much stamina."

Yashodhara blushed some more and smiled. She moved to the table and picked up her bra and started putting it on. Jojo took her panties and slipped them on as she said,

"So lemme ask ya something, Yoyo. An Indian lady, obviously married as I can tell from that ring on your finger. Not the sort that I'd expect to be into such things. Where did Eric find you anyway?"

"We met through a common friend in a bar one night." Yashodhara said, pulling her panties up and reaching for her skirt.

"Common friend?" Jojo asked.

"Yeah, Carlos." Yashodhara said.

"Carlos! You're friends with Carlos too!" Jojo said, sounding surprised as she reached for her jeans.

"Well, kinda friends. Actually we are on the outs now, because of Eric." Yash explained as she buttoned her skirt.

"What did Eric do?" Jojo asked curiously.

"To be honest, Carlos has been lusting after me for a while. And the night I met with him and Eric, I spent the whole night making out with Carlos. He wanted to take me home and finally fuck me. But I refused and just gave him a blowjob in the bathroom of the bar." Yashodhara said putting on her top. "But then Eric came into the bathroom after that, and I was just too horny. And I let Eric fuck me."

"Oh, and that got Carlos all jealous, huh?" Jojo asked, putting her shirt on.

"Yeah. he hasn't talked to me much since." Yashodhara said, now fully dressed.

"That sounds like Carlos. I've known him for a while now. He's the kind who'll get all whiny and weepy if he feels slighted." Jojo said leaning against the table. "How did you meet Carlos anyway?"

"Hehe, well, this might make me sound like more of a slut. But I met him through another guy I have been fucking for a while now." Yashodhara said sheepishly.

"Damn, girl! You are a slut! How many more men you been fucking?" Jojo said laughing.

"Hehe, only these three and my husband." Yashodhara answered. "Well, technically, not all three. Carlos I have never really fucked, just sucked off and let him cum on my tits another time. So the only two guys I have fucked apart from my husband so far are Eric and Ramon."

"RAMON??????????" Jojo said in a suddenly loud voice, standing straight.

Yashodhara looked surprised at this reaction and stared at Jojo with confusion. Jojo stared back at her with a very angry and hurt look on her face. Yashodhara watched in surprise as tears sprang up in Jojo's eyes. She put a hand over her face and biting her lips, asked Yashodhara in a weepy voice,

"You've fucked Ramon?"

"Yes but...."

"How many times? And since when?" Jojo asked, staring at the floor.

"I'm sorry. I don't understand...." Yashodhara started saying.

"Just answer the question please." Jojo said pleadingly. "How many times and since when?"

"Well, it's been over a month. And how many times....I don't know honestly. Never kept count." Yashodhara answered.

Jojo now started crying very loudly and went to the bed to sit down. Yashodhara looked confused for a while. But then realization dawned upon her. She trepidantly walked towards Jojo, and standing a couple of feet away asked cautiously,

"You are.....Juanita?"

Jojo or Juanita nodded as she kept crying. Yashodhara looked as if she wished the earth would open up and swallow her at that very instant. She seemed to be caught between just leaving and consoling Juanita. She finally decided on the former. She started walking out of the bedroom. Stopped at the door for a second, turned back and said,

"I am sorry, Juanita."

And then my wife left. The clip showed Juanita crying for a few seconds more and ended.
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