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Rajesh - The Masseur

Hi my name is Rajesh and I am working as a masseur in Bangalore for the past two months and today I will tell u my experience with the first client of mine I am 28 yrs old and due to some financial problems and the idea of my friend I joined this line and took it as my profession and I underwent training in a reputed health institute and started this job of mine I had advertised in one of the leading news paper and I had the first call on my mobile it was from a lady she asked for my details
And I had no clinic but only door service so I told the same to her and my charges.
So she agreed and told me to come to a shopping mall to see me and finalize so at the stipulated time I went to the mall and waited for her I had told her what dress I was wearing and the vehicle no in which I went and I waited for her to come but she dint turn up so I got frustrated and wanted to go back just then the phone rang and it was her voice again she told me that she has seen me and satisfied that I am a gentleman and gave me the address of her house and asked me to come at around 2.30 pm the same day but I had not seen her so it was my first job so I was eager I had thought some guy would call me the first time but it was a female and I was happy as well as eager because I had not massaged a female before even in my training.
At exactly 2.30 pm I went to her house it was a posh house in a good suburb of Bangalore when I went and pressed the calling bell I could not believe my eyes she was a damsel of may be 24 or 25 yrs old and she was a stunning beauty
And had a very good smile
She welcomed me in side and closed the door and asked me to sit in the sofa
I sat down she was dressed in a nice pink sari with a low cut blouse front and back and she was slim mad had a good 36 d boobs her waist was so thin that something happened to me on seeing her I wanted to have her the moment I saw her but I was a professional on duty so I controlled myself and talked and asked about the other inmates of the house she said she was alone in the house as her husband was a software engineer and was in the U.S and she was leaving there alone with her mother in law and father in law but they were not there as they had gone out of station now let me come to my point I asked her weather she has had a massage session before she told me she has had it in a health club before and from a female this is the first time she is having it from a male that too in her house.
I asked her what type of message dose she wants to have a powder message or cream massage or auyrvedic message and asked her about why she wanted a massage.
She told she would prefer stress reliving message with a soft cream and I now asked were she would like to take her message on the dining table or on the cot.
She proffered a cot she took me to a room and it was a specious room and a double cot was there we both went in side and I asked her to change her dress that is removing
Her sari and wear a towel so that I can start my work she went in side the attached toilet and changed and came back with a towel wrapped around her body she was wearing her panties and bra on that she was wearing the towel and came.
In the mean time I mixed the cream used for messaging and asked her to lie on the cot
And she laid on the cot and as it was the first time my hands were slightly shivering and I took some cream and at first started with her face as soon I touched her face she closed her eyes and I kept on messaging her face I started with her fore head and came down to her ears and massaged her ears and back of the ears I was giving her a very soft message and her hands were holding the bed very tightly I knew something is going to happen and kept on massaging now my hands moved to her shoulders and was massaging it the band of her bra was coming in between so I asked her if she can slightly loosen the band I can give a good massage there.
She pulled it down from her shoulders and now I massaged her chest I was cautious not to take my hand to her tits and I kept on massaging it for five min she was holding the cot very tightly and her legs were held tight so I told her to relax and have a good time and have a good message now she relaxed and I gave a nice message now I massaged her hands one by one and came to the lower part of her body that is her legs.
The towel was covered up to her knees I started to message her legs and went up to the thigh but was cautious not to touch her panties or her pussy and I was massaging very softly she asked me to message a little hard so I gave her a hard massage and asked her to turn back In the back also I did the same thing at last I asked her to turn in the front and asked her if she wanted a massage on the stomach area she wanted and I asked her to remove her towel which she did and now I could see her whole body and I was stunned to see her perfect body it was intoxicating now I started to message her stomach area from below the bra to her panties top I was very careful not to touch her boobs or her panties once when I was moving my hands up she suddenly pressed my hands and took my hands on her boobs and pressed it now I understood and continued to press it hardly with my both hands and played with her tits with my two fingers it was slipping because I had cream on my hand oh god her boobs were hard a s rock and her tits were so solid that I started pinching it she was enjoying it a lot now she took my one hand from her boobs to her panty area and pressed my hands and now I started to message her pussy above her panty she started to lift her buttocks up now I inserted one figure from the side of her panty and touched her clit she struggled hard and came to hug me but I told that it is not part of my duty and I and pushed her and told her to have a nice massage first and now I started inserting my finger in side her pussy and rubbed her clit and my other hand was pressing her boobs and playing with her tits she must have come two or three times I speeded my work of inserting and rubbing now she came with a shudder and said aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and now I pulled my hands and started to wipe my hands and asked her to take bath and clean herself now she gave me a shock of my life she asked me to join her in the bath she told me u should only clean me up and complete the job now I told her that to clean her up I got to remove my dress and asked her for permission she told me that u have seen mine our so shy to me show yours now I removed my dress and she now hugged me tightly and started kissing me I was in my undoes my dick was erect and was 7 inches now we both went to the bathroom and she sat and pissed in front of me and I also pissed and we both took bat and came out as we came out she started wiping me and I wiped her mine was still hard and her tits were also hard she just hugged me again and started playing with my tits with her tongue and this made me loose my control now I also started to play with her and we French kissed for a minute and now she and I went to the cot and I pushed her to the cot and we both came to the 69 position I was eating her pussy and she was pumping my cock in her mouth this went on for a bout five minutes and now I wanted to put it in her pussy I came up and asked her she readily agreed and now I asked her if she had condoms with her as I was frightened she brought a condom from her drawer and put my cock in it and now she was fully wet and my cock went in easily and I did not have any difficulty in going in we did in sleeping position for some time and then I asked her if we can do it in a different position she readily agreed and now I asked her to put her legs down the cot and sleep and I was in a standing position I held her waist and pumped hard she might have come more then 5 times now while pumping I held both her boobs to gather and started to play with her tits in my mouth with my tongue she started to jump to me and at last I came with a shudder mean time I don’t know how many time she came but she looked fully satisfied and then she told me she had not experienced tits type of enjoyment in all her married life of 1 year her husband would finish it within 1 minutes but I did it for 20 to 25 minutes she gave me a handsome tip and I have become a regular messenger for her next time.
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