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Our Breathy Sweaty Embrace

For a while I have been fantasising about the boy in the warehouse. Hazy day-dreams full of passionate kisses and secret, guilty embraces. He is young; smooth, tanned skin and long legs, with a cheeky grin and a sparkle in his eyes that makes my heart race. "He presses his crotch against me and I can't help thinking of what it would feel like for his cock to slide inside me. I look up at him helplessly"...

For a while I have been fantasising about the boy in the warehouse. Hazy day-dreams full of passionate kisses and secret, guilty embraces. He is young; smooth, tanned skin and long legs, with a cheeky grin and a sparkle in his eyes that makes my heart race. We have worked together for years, but it is only recently that I have started to think of him in a sexual way, ever since the day he hugged me after I had some bad news, and I felt myself pressed against him. Now he hugs me fairly often, in a friendly way, but I think there is more to it - and I intend to find out.

He has been on holiday for a week somewhere hot, and I am surprised at how much I have missed him being around. Having recently been promoted to his manager, I am acutely aware of how I should act around him, but I find it really hard when I can't stop thinking of him kissing me. His girlfriend wouldn't like that much...

I arrive at work on his first day back, excited about walking into the warehouse and seeing him again, hoping that he will greet me with a grin and the usual tantalizing hug. When he hugs me I can feel the muscles of his back, his long hair brushing against my face, and his body pressed against me... it is hard to pull away. I look up at him with a secret smile as I ask him how his holiday was. I am very good at making useless smalltalk as an excuse to be with him in the warehouse, I wonder if he notices and I feel silly.

As we talk he keeps his arm around me and slowly traces circles on my back, I don't want to move away from him but I don't want to hang around too much for fear he realises the sexy thoughts I keep having about him. I'm worried he would laugh at me if he knew, and there's no way anything could happen anyway with him having a girlfriend. I excuse myself hastily and go back to my office.

I feel hot and shaky after I sit down, if only he felt the way I do. Apart from the brotherly hugs, he has never given any indication that he likes me too. I decide that from now on - I will be 100% professional and not speak to him unless it is work-related...

After a week of stunted conversations and sharp exits, I am sat in my office in the afternoon mulling over my latest steamy dream about him, and then in he walks. He looks gorgeous, all curly hair and long legs, his jeans tight and dirty from the warehouse, just a hint of tummy showing at the bottom of his t-shirt. He doesn't venture into my office very often so I am surprised to see him. I ask what I can do for him, and he asks me if he has done something to upset me. I am shocked he has noticed anything different to be honest, and I feel pretty flattered that he has even noticed. I dismiss his question and say everything is fine, but he moves closer to me and cups my face with his hand. He looks down at me and asks what is really wrong.

Suddenly I just feel like I have to tell him, it's been too long that I have wanted him and its driving me mad. I look away as I tell him that I think about him all the time and I can't stop fantasizing about having sex with him. He doesn't look shocked, which surprises me, and then as I sit there waiting for him to say something, he slides his hand slowly down my neck and chest and gently squeezes my nipple which is poking through my thin shirt. I gasp out loud and feel my pupils dilate as I look up at him. He bends his head slowly and brushes his lips gently against mine, a look in his eyes that says he can't help himself, a whispered promise of things to come. He turns and walks out the door, winking at me sweetly before he goes.

My heart thuds like mad and I can feel the juice building up against my pants. I long to reach down, pull my knickers aside and stroke myself whilst I'm all wet but someone could walk in at any time. Did that really just happen What should I do I shouldn't have said anything, let him do that. I'm his manager, I should be acting professionally - not letting him touch me! I have to do some damage control, I decide to speak to him later that afternoon when the other warehouse guys have gone home.

Later that afternoon I go down to the warehouse, my heels clicking loudly against the floor as I search for him. When I find him, he is at the bottom of the warehouse arranging pallets, looking hot and sweaty from the exertion. He doesn't turn and acknowledge me as I approach, just stays still as he bends over a table to write something on a sheet of paper. I know he must have heard me come in, and I don't know why he is pretending he doesn't know I am there...unless he is as unsure as me about what is going on

I walk up and stand just behind him and put my hands either side of his slim waist. I feel him tense as I touch him, but he doesn't say anything or move at all, just stays leaning over the work bench. His skin feels hot and smooth, I want to lick him and taste his salty sweat. I start to slide one hand up his back, under his t-shirt, and I can feel all his hairs standing on end as I stroke him gently. I circle my left hand around to his stomach and run my fingers along the top of his jeans. He pushes his bum out against me, and I flick the top buttons of his jeans open. I hear a small moan escape from him, and I realise he is enjoying being passive and letting me touch him.

I feel so turned on that I can't barely stand. My pussy is getter wetter than I think it ever has before. I lean close to him and whisper to him that my pussy is soaking wet and I want him to taste, and he moans louder than before, but stays still. I slide my hand slowly inside his jeans and his pants and find his cock. He is so hard and I can feel the pre-cum dripping from the end, I think about licking it off with the tip of my tongue and I shiver.

I start to tease him with my hand, and with my other hand I slide his t-shirt up and over his head so he stands half naked in front of me. It seems like it is too much for him suddenly, and he whirls round and grabs my wrists and yanks me up against him. He crushes my lips against his and his tongue slides into my mouth, so hot and sweet it makes me gasp. He presses his crotch against me and I can't help thinking of what it would feel like for his cock to slide inside me. I look up at him helplessly, I feel like I am in one of my dreams and this can't possibly be happening, not in the warehouse when anyone could come in and catch us.

But it is happening. He suddenly lifts me up onto the work bench, making it easier for him to reach my mouth with his and he starts to kiss down my neck and my chest. He moves his hand down and undoes the button of my trousers and slides the zip down. I close my eyes and let my head fall back as I feel his fingers slide inside my pants and discover the juices all over my pussy. I can hear his inward breath and I buck my pelvis against his hand. I am so horny I would do anything to have him inside me.

He starts fingering my clit really gently and slowly, teasing me with his thumb as he slides the tip of his fingers into my pussy and I can't take it anymore. Fuck me, I growl, and he does. He jumps up on the bench and pushes me roughly down onto the wood. He yanks aside my wet panties with one hand, and uses the other to free his cock and drive it hard into my pussy. I scream out, past the point now where it matters who else hears, and he slams into me again and again, each time deeper and harder than the time before, until I think I can't bear it anymore. He crushes his lips against mine, and slides his thumbs, rough and shaking, over my hard nipples. His eyes devour me as we move together on the wooden work bench, and I feel like the luckiest girl in the world as we come together in our breathy, sweaty, guilty embrace.
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