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Next day morning I woke up late at 7 am after the late night sleep. As I was about to enter Madam’s room, I could hear the talks of the boys and Madam. I waited outside in the Hall for few minutes. Akshay and Kishore came out neatly dressed, I guess they had already taken bath. At the room door they bid good bye to both the ladies and went down the stairs. But the ladies did not come out of the room. The boys left the house in one car. After a few minutes, I slowly opened the door and entered Madam’s room. Both the ladies were smoking, sitting full naked and still in half sleep. On seeing me, Rekha just pulled over the towel next to her and slowly covered her pussy leaving her boobs open. Viji Madam, as usual was full naked.

Viji : Come Nikhil, yesterday night we came home late.

Me : Sorry Madam, I was awake for a long time, I wanted to receive you and then only go to bed, but somehow I had gone asleep.

Viji : No problem, we came too late, you need not wait if I come late.

Viji : Can you bring two cups coffee for us

Me : Right now Madam.

I came back with 2 cups of hot coffee for the ladies. Served the coffee and stood there expecting to hear what next. Just then I observed that the towel covering Rekha’s pussy was missing, she was now sitting fully naked. Both the ladies were sipping the coffee. Rekha also liked the coffee and told, “the coffee is good Nikhil”. I said “Thank you Madam”.

Viji : Nikhil, give Rekha the foot massage, She turned to Rekha and said, he is fantastic in giving Massages.

I sat down at Rekha’s feet and started the massage. Rekha made a lovely noise as if she was moaning. Aaahhhhh, Super, Aaaahhhhh, you are too good Nikhil. She reached my head, cuddled my hair and said “Good Boy”. I gave her foot and leg massage for about half an hour.

I was thinking how these rich ladies had such lovely bodies, their bodies were almost similar in colour, white, smooth as honey, silky, chubby etc etc. Added to that, such big and juicy boobs and Awesomely big asses (my favourite) Just by touching their bodies, my dick turned 90 degrees north.

Within a short time, the cook maid arrived. I went to open the door and in came the chubby lady. I smiled at her and she too smiled back, I asked “Veena ji how are you” She didn’t say anything but gave a big smile nodded her head and went up the stairs. I went back to the room to see that Viji was in the washroom. Rekha was sitting still full nude. Rekha said “your Madam is in bathroom” I saw the door was closed, whether to go in or not ? was the question in my mind, but I could not resist be there with her in front of my nude Madam and wash her pussy, ass hole. I went near the door and wanted to just knock at the door but realized that the door was open. Ofcourse now it was not a surprise for me anymore. I went in, Viji Madam was sitting on the WC. As is my job, I went and sat down in front of my fully nude Madam, placing my head in between her thighs and smelling her pussy. Today I could even reach my tongue to her pussy and lick it as she was slowing pissing. Fortunately, today I could even taste her pee, it was like a special juice. Viji could not hide her horny side. She pressed my head even further to her pussy and cuddled my hair, encouraging me to lick her pussy more and more. This was the best encouragement I have ever got and needless to say I did not lose the opportunity and did my job to her entire satisfaction. Now, she started pooping, the fragrance was spreading around, however I was in no mood of taking away my mouth from her pussy and Madam also was in no mood of letting my head go away from that position. Just when we both were concentrating on our interests, we heard clapping sound. Both of us turned our head to see that Rekha was standing at the door and she was seeing us all the time. Viji was giggling and told Rekha, “did you see my dog, how nice and smart he is” Rekha said, “Ya Viji, I am seeing from the past 5 minutes, I think he’s awesome, there can be no better dog than this” She too cuddled my hair and patted on my back “Well done”

Rekha : “Viji now I envy that you have this boy, but I don’t have any, you are soo lucky ya”

Viji : Don’t worry Reki, he can serve both of us. He has a fantasy for this. He’s too good

Rekha sat down on the Bath tub and was watching the further action.

Madam finished and said “Nikhil I have finished, now you can wash”. I washed her pussy and asshole, flushed, and then dry patted her pussy and ass with a towel. Then Viji went and sat next to Rekha and said “Reki now its your turn” Then I was a little bit surprised how Rekha handled me. She came near me and stared at me like as I was her SLAVE. She pulled me by my hair and spit on my face. She told “open your mouth, dog” I opened my mouth and very well knew what she was going to do. She again spit into my mouth and closed my mouth by her hands and told me “taste my spit you slave dog” “how does my spit taste, you bitch” . I swallowed her spit and showed her my empty throat as if I was a whore who has just swallowed the cum downloaded by men into my mouth and showing to the camera that I have swallowed all the cum. I told “it taste very good madam, I want more” Viji clapped and told “Good boy” Rekha again slapped me and said to me “Come my Slave, Come and drink my pee, you wanted it know, Come my Slave” She pulled me to the Water closet and she sat on the WC and put my head inbetween her silky thighs and started peeing. She was peeing with so much force, the entire pee on directly on my face, my face was fully wet as if I had just taken a shower. Rekha pulled up my head and asked “Do you like it bitch, Do you like it my slave boy” I nodded my head and said “Yes Madam, I am born for it” With my words, she became horny. She expanded her thighs widely, exposing her fully pussy and pressed my face on to her pussy. Without any further orders from Rekha, I started licking her pussy so deep that she started moaning and was enjoying every single second. After having enough, Rekha separated my face from her pussy and told in a soft tone “Nikhil you are superb, my dear” Looking at Viji, she told “ Viji, we are lucky to find this guy, he is awesome, I am going to give him my first gift” I was wondering what is that ? What Gift ? Before I could realize, Rekha pulled my head by my hair and gave me a smooch. The Kiss lasted for about 15 minutes. The smooch was so passionate that I never wanted to leave her mouth and she too didn’t want to leave my mouth. She licked my face like a dog. Till then she was calling me a dog but then she licked my face like a dog.

At this point I realized that I am going to be rewarded appropriately for my good job, only question was the matter of time, before I am going to get a chance to fuck these heavenly ladies. This was a big encouragement and boost for my patience and hard work.

After Rekha pooped, I washed her asshole too, wiped with a towel and then both the ladies slipped into the bath tub to have a bath together. I was feeling I had the best job in this world. This is the best feeling in my life.

Viji : Nikhil, I am also going to gift you something now.

I was wondering whether Madam too was going to kiss me. But then she told :

Viji : You may watch us both take bath together.

I was standing there with a missile inside my boxer. While both the ladies performed an act which was nothing less than a Lesbian Porn Film. Both the ladies applied soap on each other’s body, massaged each other’s boobs, licked pussy, ass holes and then gave a soothing bath to each other. As usual my small brother had leaked inside my underwear. He had thrown out so much cum, my Boxer was wet with a big patch. I did not cover it and allowed the ladies to see that I had cum seeing their act. Both the ladies saw that I had cum inside my underwear and seeing each other they smiled. Both the ladies came out of the tub then I had to dry them up with the towels and led them to the bedroom. I rushed to my room to take a bath.

The maid had prepared the breakfast and both Madams had arrived at the Dining Table by the time I came out of my room. Both the ladies as usual were stunning in their dresses with ample cleavage show. I was sitting on the sofa nearby while the maid was serving the breakfast. While having the breakfast,
Rekha : Viji when are you hosting the party

Viji : you select a day, The day after tomorrow ?

Rekha : that’s fine

Viji : Ok, I will invite all the ladies. We will all meet at 12 noon.

Rekha : Prepare the boy suitably. I think he doesn’t need anything to be told, he knows what he should do.

Viji turned her head and seeing me said “Ya, he is a cute little doggie, he knows what we like, I am sure he will do good” then she asked me “Is it not ? my cute slave” and she laughed.

I didn’t understand a thing about what they were discussing and what she was telling, but still I smiled and nodded my head. I thought that I will ask Madam later on what it was all about. But I could understand clearly one thing – the ladies were talking all these in front of the Maid Veena and she was also smiling slightly. This means that Veena is also aware of the activities going on in this house. She is also aware of the fucking happening around and still if she continued working in this house, she also would have some traits of what was happening in this house. This gave me a hope that I had a chance to hook up with the maid atleast. My inner self was gleaming with this tought and then my brother inside my pant had already started to make slow moves, inspite of heavy cumming few minutes before.

The ladies finished the breakfast and Viji madam told me “ Nikhil, you and Veena (the maid) have breakfast, myself and Rekha are leaving to visit a friend's house, I will return in the evening.
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