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First Ding Dong!

Hi, my name is Sunny and I live in Lahore. The story I am about to tell you is absolutely true. There is no exaggeration or self added things in this story and you will also feel it as you read this amazing incident.

It happened 3 months ago when me and my friends went to Murree for the weekend. We were 4 ME, HASSNAIN, SAJID AND AHMED. Ahmed was a fat asshole with a big ass and he used to get tired when we went for hiking. So one day early in the morning we were planning to go for hiking, but Ahmed didn’t want to go because he said that he was very tired. So we decided to leave him there in the room. As we moved out of our room we saw 3 girls moving in the room next to ours. They were standing outside with a key in their hand trying to open the door but didn’t have much luck. I think the room lock was jammed or something. The one in the front was a really sexy girl. She was fair, long hair, about 36-25-34(bra-waist-ass). The one standing behind her was about
34-24-36 and the girls standing at the end was the sexiest girl I had ever seen. She was about 38-25-36. The rooms were in a small corridor with doors on both sides. As you all know, for a guy your dick is always erected in the morning so as we walked by them I accidentally bumped into the girl standing at the end and my rock hard dick rubbed against her soft ass. She turned around and stared at me as if she wanted to kill me.

We came back at night and just to tease the girls, knocked on their door and ran in our room. After about 5 seconds we heard their door open and shut with a slam. We didn’t care and started to change because we were a bit tired and it was almost 9:00pm. All of us had changed and were ready to go to bed. Ahmed was already sleeping tight. Suddenly we heard a knock on our door. I went to open the door and found out that there was no one there. We understood who could that be and all three of us went to their room and knocked again. One of them opened the door and said ”What do you want?” and Hassnain replied ”Your ass, chick!”. The next moment was the happiest moment of my life , she held his hand were occupied with the other 2 girls. I couldn’t control myself and hurried towards the girls of my dreams. She had a warm bed sheet on her and as I moved sheet on her. My friends also grabbed the girls, which they wanted and moved in their beds. Well I don’t know what my friends did with the other girls but…

Her body was warm and cozy. I rubbed my hands on her smooth skin, which finally moved toward her warm juicy pussy. As I entered my index finger in her cunt her screamed and said ”I am still a virgin and I want to lose it with you”. I kissed her on her lips and started squeezing her rock hard nipples. She started moaning as I sucked them with all my force. They were dark brown and hard as a marble. I started moving on top of her so I could fuck her while I was still sucking on her erected nipples. She knew what I was going to do and responded by opening her legs wide open. I went down to her warm pussy and started licking it deeeep inside she started moaning and started pushing me backwards. I guess it was her first time and she couldn’t control herself. I didn’t stop and kept on tongue fucking her. She had a hairy pussy. Her moaning gradually turned into screaming when she was about to cum. She kept on pushing me away from her pussy but I opposed. Finally she cummed in my mouth and I drank the salty hot juice of hers. I stopped licking her pussy gave her some rest because now she was about to get something she never had before.

After a few minutes I held my hot iron rod in my hand and watched the tiny hole, which was about to tear apart. I aimed my dick at the hole and pushed a bit. She screamed a bit and moved up to decrease the force of my push. A little bit of my 2 inches wide cock had entered her warm cunt. She had her eyes closed and was holding my waist preventing me to push harder. I didn’t care and with a small jerk pushed it more deep inside. She screamed like hell, as if I was about to kill her. All of my 2 inches wide cock was inside her cunt and I could now feel her hot juicy pussy. I knew that she was in a lot of pain because she was constantly pushing me back. As pushed a bit more, I think she couldn’t take it anymore and with a big force pushed me back. My cock slipped out of her cunt and she opened her eyes and said ”Don’t do it again please it hurts”. I could see the terror of pain in her eyes but it was too late now. I didn’t care about it and bit her on her huge breast. She let go of my waist and held my face in her hands to stop me to bite her. While she was doing so I quickly with a big jerk pushed my dick inside her. I put one of my hands on her mouth to prevent her from screaming aloud. I had push it so hard that I thought all of my 8 inches dick will enter her cunt but it was not so. Only 3/4 of my dick was inside her and rest of it needed another jerk. She knew what was going to happen next and wrapped her legs around my waist so tight that it was hard for me to breathe properly. She knew I was about to give her another jerk but the moment I was about to do that, she stopped me and begged me not to push it hard and promised that she wont oppose if I entered it slow and steady. I agreed and changed my plan of torturing the bitch. I slowly pushed it in and my rock hard rode smoothly slipped in her extremely hot cunt. As I pushed it deep her legs tightened and she held my chest with her sharp nails which penetrated in my chest a bit and prevented me to move smoothly. I was in pain because that bitch could not bear the pain she was getting by me. She was biting on my hands, scratching her nails on my body and tears ran down her eyes. By now I had both my hands on her huge boobs and was rubbing. Squeezing and sucking them softly. I started moving back and fro more vigorously which expanded her cunt. My dick was rubbing with her cunt walls and her pubic hair and which made her scream like HELL.

After a short while she stopped screaming and started moaning in pleasure.
”OOHH YEAH - AAHHH AAHHH - HARDER - HARDER” The force in her legs wrapped around me decreased which and finally landed on the bed. I was still moving back and forward . I felt her cum twice . Her thick juice fell on my dick and ran down to my testes. I was about to cum too and she also came to know that because I had increased my speed of motion. She told me not to cum inside of her because she just had her periods over and was in the days of having lacoria and could have a baby. But who could miss the fun of cumming inside her. I mean it wont be any fun if I would take my dick out and start maturbating. So I decided to cum inside her and let her be pregnant. I mean WHO CARES! In few minutes my dick was jetting out bullets of cum so hot that it made her feel the cum touching her inside. She knew that I had cummed inside her and started abusing me. I still had my dick in her and when every single drop of my hot cum was sucked by her pussy, I pulled it out. I was like a hot red iron rod by now because of her hot pussy. Her pussy was now fully expanded and now she could bear my dick again . I laid on her their with my head on her soft boobs to catch my breath. That bitch didn’t know what I was about to do next…

I took her in my arms and we left our bed and stood up hugging each other. She looked worried because I had cummed inside her. She was all pasted with cum around her pussy. I had something else in mind too. I told her that if she wanted me to clean the cum on her. She agreed and I picked up a piece of cloth and started cleaning her pussy. I told her to kneel down on the floor and put her breast on the bed sticking her ass out so I could clean her ass too. She agreed and didn’t have a clue what was about to happen. She was tired and was enjoying me cleaning her. She had a pillow under her head. I saw her close her eyes and I knew then that I wont find another chance to fuck her in the ass. My dick was still erected and was also well lubricated because of her cum on it. I aimed it at the ass hole and with all my strength pushed my dick in her hole and with that I also pushed her face deep into the pillow to decrease the loudness of her scream because I knew it would hurt allot in the ass but still her scream was loud enough to get the attention of my friends. They just ignored me and minded their own business. Her ass was so tight that I swear my dick started hurting but I knew this was the last time I am getting this chance and didn’t wanted to loose it. I had her head penetrated deep in the pillow and started moving back and fro. She started abusing me loudly ”YOU SON OF A BITCH - YOU MOTHER FUCKER - GO FUCK YOUR MOM IN THE ASS - AAAAAHHHHH - STOP DOING IT PLEASE - I BEG YOU - PLEASE HAVE MERCY - YOU DOG - YOU BASTARD - AAAAAHHHHHHHHAAHHHHHHH” but was not good enough. She could not move an inch because of the intense pain she was getting. I was moving very vigorously because I could not hold her head for long. Few seconds after my jet fighter fired loads of cum inside her ass and her dry ass absorbed all of it. I quickly pulled my dick out and she stopped moving in pain. She had caught her breath by now I was also tired too. I climbed the bed took the pillow from her and pulled her on he bed with me. Believe me she was nearly unconscious and closed her eyes as soon as I hugged her.

In the morning all of us woke up together. The girls were also from Lahore so we decided to head home all together on the same day. SONIA the girl that I fucked was a bit sick and laid on the bed all day. And when we went for a walk in the evening I noticed that she had a little problem in walking!!!
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