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A Cuckold's Tale Part 4

My hard dick was already in hand when my instant messenger beeped. I clicked on it. The message was from Anghsu79 -- Anghsu's screen name.

Anghsu79: Thinking dirty thoughts?

Me: Well I'm online aren't I? LOL Reading one of yours.

Anghsu79: Good choice. Cock in hand?

Me: You know it.

Anghsu79: Shall I let you get back to it?

Me: No. I got all night. In the dog house.

Anghsu79: What now?

Me: Slip of the tongue during sex.

Anghsu79: ....Did you tell her?

Me: No. But accidentally said something along the lines.

Anghsu79: She drunk again?

Me: No. Unfortunately. But she suggested the dirty talk again.

Anghsu79: Suggested it sober? She's coming around. Now is the time.

Me: Time for...?

Anghsu79: Stop torturing yourself. Tell her. The truth will set you free.

Me: Just a fantasy. Not going to happen. She'd flip.

Anghsu79: Fantasy is only a prelude to reality my friend. You can have it.

Me: Don't want it.

Anghsu79: No? I disagree. I know better.

Me: LOL. Maybe.

Anghsu79: Not maybe. You need it. Your slut wife needs it too. SUMITA wants to be a whore. And you want her pussy used.

My cock jumped as I read his words. I loved it when he talked that way. It was far more erotic to hear someone talking about

my wife directly than trying to mentally insert her name into a fictional story, especially someone who knew so much about

her and I.

Anghsu79: There?

Me: Yeah, sorry.

Anghsu79: Got excited, didn't you.

Me: What can I say? LOL

Anghsu79: See...told you...you deny yourself...you deny her.

Me: It's not so simple.

Anghsu79: But it is. Your fear gets in the way. Bliss awaits both of you.

Me: Or divorce.

Anghsu79: That won't happen. Love is love. Sex is sex.

Me: For me. Not for her.

Anghsu79: Not so. You are fooled by her fear...when she's sober. But when she's been to the bar she loves sex, yes? A drunk

mouth speaks for a sober heart -- your words.

Me: Seems that way.

Anghsu79: She can't get enough. You told me.

Me: True.

Anghsu79: And you don't give her enough. You can't satisfy her when she's in that state.

Me: She's insatiable.

Anghsu79: Like I said. You don't satisfy her.

I felt a lump in my throat. When he put it like that, I felt my insecurities flaring up.

Me: I am too small down there and I probably don't go long enough.

Anghsu79: We've been through this. You don't satisfy her. You told me that. You know it. Don't lie to yourself it's not

healthy my friend.

Me: I guess.

Anghsu79: You guess? We're always honest with each other. You're denying your own words now?

Me: No.

Anghsu79: Then just say it. Say what you said before. Sober she lays there like a lump of coal. Intoxicated she gives you

more than you can handle. You can't satisfy your wife. Say it.

Me: I can't satisfy my wife.

I got a chill as I typed those words. Anghsu had a way of forcing reality to slap me in the face.

Anghsu79: But someone else can. You know it. And she knows it too. So what do you think will happen?

Me: I don't know.

Anghsu79: She was a cheating whore when you met her. What will stop her this time?

Me: Love, I hope.

Anghsu79: That's not what you hope. You hope she will offer her whore pussy to another man to get what you can't give her.

That's what you hope.

Me: I don't want to lose her.

My heart was beating frantically, and my cock was stiffening.

Anghsu79: Things have been good lately, yes?

Me: Yes. For the most part.

Anghsu79: Then now is the time. Go with her on the journey before she goes it alone. You'll both be happier.

I couldn't respond. It sounded crazy and it made sense at the same time. My conflicted emotions kept me frozen.

Anghsu79: You're hard right now thinking about that little Bengali slut of yours getting it good from a strange cock.

Reflexively, I answered: Yes.

Anghsu79: Care to play a little?

Me: Ok.

Anghsu79: What did she wear today?

Me: Red sari, white petticoat underneath. Nothing special. Normal Work clothes.

Anghsu79: And her underwear?

Me: Black bra, and blue panty, I think. It was dark in the room as usual.

Anghsu79: They were purple. I know because I saw them today when I fucked her.

Me: oh

It was all I could think to say. When Anghsu and I played this game he did most of the typing. I'd be busy jerking off.

Anghsu79: Your bitch was walking through the south city mall blabbing on her cell phone. She was talking to someone about how

pathetic you were in bed. She was talking very loud and everyone could hear her. I wonder if it was anyone you know?

Anghsu79: I followed her into a store I think “pantaloons”. Wait, let me look at the receipt...yep “pantaloons”. She was

searching for a new outfit. She told the person on the phone she needed to buy something sexy to attract someone who could

fuck her better.

Anghsu79: I knew that slut was ripe for a good fuck so I made sure I brushed up against her tight little ass with my big hard

dick in my jeans as I passed her in the store. It wasn't quick either. She got a good feel for what I had to offer.

Anghsu79: She couldn't stop smiling at me. A hot little piece of Bengali ass, that wife of yours. I knew she'd make a good

pin cushion for my cock. So while she was picking through things on the rack, I pressed up behind her again.

Anghsu79: Only this time I didn't move. I put my hands on her hips, pressed my bulge against her ass, and rubbed against her

for quite a while. She didn't stop me. She started breathing harder. I told her to hang up the phone. She did.

Anghsu79: I told her that if she wanted to be sexy she should wear something that showed her body off more. I grabbed the

skimpiest little dress on the rack. I think she got excited just looking at it. But she frowned at the Rs 5000 price tag.

Anghsu79: I told her I'd buy it for her if she put it on for me. She got excited about that. Money has been a little tight

lately, yes?

Me: It has.

Anghsu79: I know. She bitched as much about your inability to provide a better lifestyle for her as she did about your sorry

excuse for a sex life. But more so than that, your wife really just wanted the chance to get naked for me.

Anghsu79: She wasn't as shy with me as she is with you. Maybe because she knew I saw her as nothing more than place to dump

my sperm. She didn't have to pretend otherwise, or worry about what I'd think of her. She already knew what I thought of her.

Anghsu79: I took her into a gent’s dressing room. It was empty near the trial room so I entered with her and told her to

strip. The fucking whore couldn't even hide her excitement. She peeled off that red sari in no time while I sat there and

watched. I even made her dance for me a little in her underwear.

Anghsu79: Then I told her to take that off too. She needed it explained to her that a slut like her has no reason to be

wearing underwear. The wife hesitated a little too long to do it so I gave her ass a good hard spanking. That got her pussy

wetter than before.

Anghsu79: She was dripping, my friend. Juice was running down her thigh. The whole dressing room smelled like her hairy cunt

when she took her panties off. It was fun watching her trying to squeeze into that dress, too.

Anghsu79: Your wife wears a size 7, or a medium at the store. The dress I picked for her was an extra small. She started to

get whiny about how it was too small, but I told her to shut the fuck up and put it on or I'd drag her out of the fitting

room naked.

Anghsu79: I think she liked that idea because she just stood there staring at the dress like she couldn't figure out how to

put it on. So I opened the door to the fitting room and pushed her out. There were two guys sitting out there waiting for

their wives.

Anghsu79: I made her apologize and promise to put the dress on. Took her a while to get it on. She had a little too much ass

and hip to pull it all the way down so it left the bottom half of her ass sticking out.

Anghsu79: From where I was sitting I could see cunt hair underneath the hem. Her breasts didn't fit much better. Those are

some beauties. The dress didn't cover any more than her little nipples.

Anghsu79: I pulled up her dress and smacked her on the ass.
I was stroking my dick voraciously, hanging on every word when he'd stopped. I waited for him to continue but he didn't.

Me: And? What!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!

Anghsu79: You sure you want to hear the rest of this?

Me: Yes!

Anghsu79: Say please.

Me: Pleeeeeeeease!

Anghsu79: How about I tell you in person?

Me: Are you joking?

Anghsu79: Not at all. We've been chatting now for what, 7 or 8 months? Why not meet? I'm not too far from you. You're in

Howrah. I'm in Jadavpur.

I paused a moment contemplating his request. It never occurred to me that he might live in the same state as me, let alone a

nearby area. I'd never asked. For that reason, the thought of meeting him never seemed like a possibility. I thought it might

be nice to have a real life friend with a similar interest. My fantasy world was a lonely one, save for him.

Anghsu79: I haven't got all night.

Me: Where? When?

Anghsu79: Ratna hights, Jadavpure. Leave now.

Me: Now? It's kinda late. Tomorrow maybe?

Anghsu79: Now or never. Also, bring a pair of your wife's worn panties. Let's have some fun.

"Let me get this straight. I'm supposed to drive to Jadavpur to meet a guy I met on an Internet porn site and deliver a pair

of my wife's dirty underwear?" I spoke out loud to no one. "And why now or never?"

Me: You gotta admit, this sounds a little weird.

Anghsu79: It's your fantasy. I'm only here to help. It will be like your first time willingly sharing your wife's cunt.
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